Arweave is having an Ethereum-like User Experience

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ArConnect is a secure wallet where you can manage your Arweave balance, view and transfer assets and see your latest transactions. This extension allows you to add all your wallets and switch between them easily. ArConnect makes interacting with your favorite Arweave applications seamless and secure. Transaction signing and text encryption with keyfiles is done in the background by the extension, and not the application ensuring your keyfile safety…It’s built to be a secure Arweave wallet extension, but it does not back up your keyfiles and it never uploads them anywhere. Your wallets will be saved to your browser’s local storage only.
You can check out ArConnect source code if you’d like to verify.

ArConnect is gaining more adoption day by day as developers and apps open to a more secure and safer web!


ArConnect is more secure than just uploading keyfiles, it signs transactions locally, only on the client side. If you upload your keyfile somewhere, there is a chance that either malicious dApps or a third party tries to steal it from you.

ArConnect doesn’t charge fees for AR transfers that you, as the user, make inside the extension. They only charge fees when interacting with DApps to give users the best experience on the permaweb they take a small tip whenever a 3rd-party application utilizes ArConnect. This tip goes to a randomly-selected VRT token holder:$0.03 USD-equivalent of AR for the first 10 transactions$0.01 USD-equivalent of AR for all subsequent transactions

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