Arweave in Lisbon: KYVE Launches No-Code Tool To Enhance Building On Web3

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Fabian Riewe, the co-founder of KYVE has described Data Pipeline, a no-code side product of the firm which was announced to the public at the on-going Arweave in Lisbon event as a critical piece in fulfilling KYVE’s mission which is to make useful data accessible for developers, node runners and to enable scalable and safe building for Web3.

Data Pipeline is a no-code solution that allows you to get all the data that is stored on KYVE into any data source using the airbyte framework. The tool was created to give developers access to KYVE data and flexibility to work with the data stacks that they are used to.

On why Airbyte was selected as a framework, Riewe told Arweave News that the firm’s goal was to ensure a tech stack that is fully trustless and promotes developers using their local machines to maintain full control over what they can do with the data and not rely on a third party.

Airbyte provides exactly this, therefore being an easy choice on our side. We chose to not build our own integration because we wanted to leverage the benefits that Airbyte already provides as well as tap into their already vast ecosystem, he said.

Riewe said Data Pipeline works through a process called ELT Pipeline which represents Extract the data; Load it to your chosen destination; Transform it to your required format.


Our goal was to make it as easy as possible for developers to integrate with KYVE, Riewe said.

“Supporting our mission in making working with KYVE data as easy as possible. By creating this no-code solution, it makes it extremely straightforward for developers to onboard KYVE and integrate it into their local tech stack.”

Data Pipeline will be officially launched when KYVE goes mainnet later in 2022. It will be available to be used for KYVE’s testnet data when its Beta network is launched.

On the roadmap, the founder revealed that KYVE was approaching a code freeze and awaiting audit results. He is confident that the roadmap which ends with the project going mainnet would meet the set time.

“We are happy to mention that the Data Pipeline did not affect the roadmap in a negative way, in fact it brings a positive by driving more early adoption to KYVE, making it very easy to integrate and work with KYVE data.”


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