Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #70: The ‘Homer’ Edition

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Fancy knowing Homer’s thoughts about Arweave? Yeah, we know it sound’s kinda crazy, but hey, we’re definitely sure that even crazier ideas will come out from the first world cup of Arweave-related memes held by PermaDAO.

Mix those with some steady building conducted inside the ecosystem and some big announcements that come from Solana and are Arweave-related, and you’ll have a general view of what’s happened in the past week. For more, just dive into our weekly report – the first one aired on time this year.

I. Arweave Network

This week was a massive success for the Arweave network as it achieved an almost record-breaking number of transactions. With 18,883,954 transactions processed, it was the second-highest week ever on the network. Not only was the plateau of over 2 million daily transactions maintained, but the network is now pushing towards the 3 million TXs milestone, showing continued growth and adoption of the technology. Arweavers should be proud of this accomplishment, and it is exciting to see what the future holds for them. Overall, this week could be considered a great demonstration of the power and scalability of the network. However, we believe that Arweave just started to show what real scalability looks like, so we’ll have to keep some superlatives for later.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

The world cup of memes is here!

What better way to make your ecosystem known than viral memes? We’re guessing that’s what PermaDAO thought as well when they launched the World Cup of Arweave memes! The task is simple, create memes for your favourite projects in the ecosystem and help them win eternal glory. And to get the creative juices flowing, PermaDAO has also promised us prizes for the community members that submit memes! We’re yet to find out what the prizes are, but we’re certain the team won’t disappoint. So, what are you waiting for? Start “meme-ing” your way to the top!

Akord puts the user first with their new migration tool

Web3 is usually associated with a clunky user experience and a steep learning curve which makes users weary of getting started with new dApps and protocols. But, we’re happy to see that that’s not the case in the Arweave universe. Time and time again, projects have succeeded in creating a friendly UX and frictionless experiences for users. This time around, it’s Akord’s turn with their newly released migration tool. For the v2 version of Akord, the team had to make some breaking changes which meant that existing users had to migrate all their data from the old version to enjoy the latest improvements. Of course, this would have been cumbersome for users, so they came to their aid with the migration tool. Now, users can easily migrate with just one click and zero cost. Head on over to and see how easy it is!

Solana embraces the Permaweb

If you ever thought Arweave would end up becoming the de facto storage provider for Web3, we’re glad to tell you that you were right and we’re already taking steps in that direction! This past week, Solana Mobile announced their crypto dedicated app store that will ship with their upcoming phone, Saga. As part of the announcement, we found out that all the applications will be hosted on Arweave to ensure that their store is censorship resistant and will live on forever! In the words of our very own Sam – your hardware, your choice. We’re very happy about this announcement as it proves both the fact that Arweave can accommodate any type of storage requirements and that other protocols are starting to take notice and adopt the permaweb! just got a major update!

This week we got the surprise news that the website received a complete redesign! The new version offers users a more streamlined experience and assists them on their journey in the Arweave universe. For people who are just taking their first steps with Arweave or those that are looking to start building, the site now provides a variety of resources to guide them in the right direction. And if you’re already building your dApp on Arweave, check out the Funding section and see how you can help your project grow. We also need to thank the Arweave team for recognising the impact ArweaveNews has on the ecosystem and listing as the go-to source for the latest news.

P.S. Of course, the site is also hosted on Arweave and can be accessed at!

Bundlr has reached the 50k mark!

What is the 50k mark, you might wonder? It’s when your technology manages to process 50,000 transactions per second (TPS)! And that’s exactly what Bundlr showcased in their latest video. They managed to have a sustained load of 50k TPS on the Arweave network! This means that the performance gap between traditional cloud providers and the permaweb is shrinking so quick that there will be no reason to visit AWS or Microsoft Azure for your storage needs again. Check out their video to see how they managed to conquer this milestone and where they want to go next!

Permacast is preparing us for great things to come

This week, the team over at Permacast teased their next big release, and we’re more than amazed to see what they have in store! It seems they’ve redesigned the user experience of Permacast, making it easier for users to upload their shows. They also made some additional, under-the-hood changes. File uploads through the application are now stored instantly by leveraging everVision’s ARseeding, and users can pay with either AR or ETH. And that’s not all, the biggest upcoming feature is actually the introduction of a video on Permacast! Creators will no longer be limited to audio, enabling their creativity to also shine in video format. Make sure to follow them on Twitter and find out when the new release drops!

III. Things you won’t encounter on Arweave

Long story short, the school board of Manatee County, Florida, has issued an edict that prompts teachers to remove all books from classrooms in response to new rules from the Florida Department of Education. The policy states that all books in schools must be approved by a librarian, or staff risks third-degree felony charges. Books are being removed to ensure they are free of pornographic material, are age-appropriate, and don’t contain “unsolicited theories that may lead to student indoctrination.”

We covered on previous times the issue of book banning in the US. Maybe it comes from a place full of good intentions, but it sounds a lot like censorship. With its ability to store data permanently and immutably, books stored on Arweave will never be at risk of removal or censorship. The platform’s decentralised structure also ensures that there is no central authority that can control access to the books. Arweave’s mission to preserve knowledge and information aligns perfectly with the need to ensure that books are available to all, regardless of political pressure.

IV. Arweave explained by Homer – thanks to ChatGPT

Well, given the fact that people love the mix between ChatGPT and media, (we’re hinting into BuzzFeed’s direction) we thought that we might conduct our own little experiment as well. No, we won’t use it to write whole articles or stuff like that. Instead, each week we will invite a historical personality to explain what Arweave is in their own words. We thought that there is no one better suited to open this new section than the greatest storyteller of them all: Homer, the one who wrote the Iliad and Odyssey. Don’t worry, the Simpsons will also be featured at some point.

Ah, Arweave, a digital fortress of enduring strength, where data is stored as securely as treasure in a dragon’s hoard.

Built on the back of the mighty “Blockweave,” it stands as an unbreakable bulwark against the ravages of time, and the depredations of those who would seek to corrupt or destroy it.

Like the immortal gods of Mount Olympus, it keeps its treasures safe for eternity, and its network is as vast and far-reaching as the seas that Odysseus sailed.

For there, all manner of precious data, may be stored safely, beyond the reach of mortal men, and the cost is but a small sacrifice to ensure its protection.

For like the heroes of old, Arweave will preserve one’s legacy and memories for generations to come, and will stand the test of time.


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