Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #64: The ‘Anti Party 2’ Edition

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This week the broader crypto community was still in shock after the whole FTX collapse. Actually, the shock transformed into disbelief when we all saw how traditional mainstream media covered the news relating FTX and its founder – but this is a story for another time.

Meanwhile, on Arweave, things were like in a countryside painting: a lot of things are happening in the background but without all the noise and smog of the city. You can now find an in-depth article about how the endowment works on ArWiki and how long of a time it can really sustain for the blockweave. Also, an Anti-Party celebrating the Alex. unveiling will be held on on 30, Warp Contracts and Bundlr are doing work, and many other things.

Buckle up for our customary weekly report!

I. Arweave Network

This week we had quite a rare chance: the opportunity to dive deep into how the endowment protocol works. The endowment represents the core tech that sets Arweave apart from any other decentralised storage protocol by emphasizing the permanent storage proposition. For such an important part of the system, concise and extended data about its inner workings were rather scarce; well, this changed after Abhav posted on ArWiki an article written by Sam Williams – the founder of Arweave, where he explained in detail how the endowment actually works and also presented some simulations that reveal the true extent of the permanent character of data stored on Arweave. Let’s say that, statistically speaking, there is a much higher chance to see the blockweave living for 10000 years than only for 200. You don’t have to believe me, just check the article linked in the tweet below. You’ll even find the code to run the simulations yourself.

Also, this week marked the best price for permanent storage I’ve ever seen since I’m looking at Arweave fees. With under 1.5$/GB, permanence seems more affordable than ever, doesn’t it?

II. Arweave Ecosystem

Permaswap’s second testnet has concluded

As presented in our last weekly report, Permaswap launched their second testnet aimed at stress-testing their platform. They’ve come back with good news this week as their “Limitless stress test” has concluded successfully, having achieved, with the help of the community, trading volumes of over 5 million USD! We’re glad to see the team being one step closer to deploying Permaswap to the mainnet. As usual, the team has made good on their promise of AR rewards for the most active testers. Check out if you were one of the users selected for rewards below.

Are you ready for the Anti-Party?

This week, the team over at Forward Research announced an exciting “Anti-Party 2: Immortalize the Web” event for the 30th of November at 12pm EST. This is the second iteration of last year’s Anti-Party, an event that brought together builders from the ecosystem with the goal of advancing Arweave’s development. As part of the event, the team will be unveiling the Alex. decentralised archival platform and based on their announcement, it seems as if they might have some additional surprises in store for us. Make sure to block your calendar and head on over to Gather to bookmark the event!

Bundlr is bringing xNFTs to Arweave

As we’ve already gotten accustomed to the team at Bundlr, this week they announced a new partnership with Backpack, the project working on the next-gen wallet for xNFTs. Through their collaboration, the teams have managed to bring xNFTs into the Arweave ecosystem, enabling users to store their xNFTs securely on the permaweb.

What are xNFTs you might wonder? The team over at Backpack claims these are the next iteration on the classical NFT, with the “x” standing in for executable. This means that the holders of xNFTs have the right to execute the tokenised code these contain. In other words, xNFTs can store applications that can only be accessed by the rightful owner of the token, opening up a new universe of use-cases for smart contracts and Dapps. Learn more about xNFTs and how these work by heading over to the official announcement from Bundlr.

Atlanta is building on the Koii Network

The Atlanta Blockchain Center announced their “Accelerate Atlanta” hackathon this week and is offering up to 3000 USD in prizes! As part of the event, Web3 builders will be utilising the Koii Network to bring an impact to Atlanta by developing blockchain-powered solutions for the city. The hackathon is in-person only, so if you happen to be in Atlanta the weekend starting the 3rd of December and are eager to start building on the Koii Network, make sure to apply quickly, as seats are limited.

Welcome to the real-time permaweb!

This week we found out that Warp Contracts is bringing subscriptions to Arweave, but rest assured, it’s the good kind of subscription. The team has released the “Warp Subscription Plugin” which allows developers to subscribe to a contract and get real-time state updates whenever a new interaction occurs. This new feature will eliminate the need for Dapps to continuously check for contract changes every few seconds and will allow updates to be reflected in real-time. The feature is currently in beta, but it is already poised to bring great benefits to the ecosystem. Check out more about how the new feature works and take it for a spin by heading over to their Github page. can’t stop building

The team over at finished last week with the announcement that v2 of their Ark Protocol is officially live! The Ark Protocol is a “multi-chain identity linking protocol” that allows Arweave addresses to be associated with addresses on other chains, in essence providing users with one identity across the entire Web3. For v2, Ark has been rewritten in EXM which brings improvement to the speed and scalability of the protocol while also providing lower fees. Users of v1 need to re-link at as the signing protocol model has been changed, but the good news is that users of Ark v1 are eligible for an early-adopter POAP.

As if releasing an overhauled version of their main protocol wasn’t enough, the team also wanted to help others in the ecosystem and launched, a new library aimed at helping EXM smart contract developers. Throughout the development process for Ark v2, the team found itself constantly reusing functions with common use cases and believed that these should be better abstracted in a standard library, hence the inception of The team has plans to further develop the library as they encounter more common use cases for EXM, so be sure to keep your eye on them.

III. Things you won’t encounter on Arweave

Besides the irony of the tweet highlighted by Sam, because yeah…it’s “something” to accuse somebody of the sin of being a capitalist in the same phrase where you ask for untraceable currency in return for a favour, the highlighted tweet has another dimension: it shows the arbitrary character of decisions made by humans that are in charge of different systems. Sometimes it’s good to have a splash of human subjectivity in decision-making practices. However, most times, it’s not, and you will end up being the captive to the whims of individuals or groups of individuals – as Sam stressed: federation is better than centralisation, but of course, decentralisation is better than both.

Guess what? On Arweave, you won’t find this kind of subjectivity. The protocol is by design decentralised, but what’s even more important is that even at the application layer, there is a strong movement toward a true neutral approach in how we rate rather hard-to-grasp concepts in an objective manner, like the truth within a statement. For reference, go and check Permafacts.


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