Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #63: The ‘Forever Archive’ Edition

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While the drama continues in the broader crypto space, this week on Arweave was yet again dedicated to building. Alex., which was just released, started a dedicated collection for FTX/SBF related content – given the fact that apparently there already is an effort of deleting this content. everPay launched a strategic partnership with Malaysia’s Asia Bank, and ArConnect introduced support for ar:// protocol to every already supported browser.

Is this all? Check our weekly report and find out more.

I. Arweave Network

There are probably only few networks out there as committed as Arweave to creating a truly decentralised infrastructure throughout the entire stack of services necessary for a dApp to work indefinitely on the Web. The path that leads to truly decentralised dApps is not simple, but with almost every passing week, progress is made. This week Warp Contracts introduced Warp Subscription Plugin, a new tool for developers that allows automatic state updates whenever a new interaction is occurring in a smart contract on Arweave. Pair this with the ArConnect announcement about the ar:// protocol which we’ll cover below, and you can already safely assume that at this pace, true Web3 will become a reality faster than many would think.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

Alex. As in Alexandria. The library of Alexandria

If one has paid attention to the last public appearances of Sam Williams, then Alex. is no news for them. For some time now, Arweavers have tried to find a sustainable way to create public archives of meaningful data sets by extracting the value of those data sets. Alex. is the answer:

Alex. is a decentralised archival platform that leverages the immutable and permanent data storage of Arweave and includes a mechanism that encourages end user participation.
Users contribute to collections and they receive “artifacts” back into their wallets as they are minted. Artifacts are NFTs of items the collection is storing. Since the artifacts are stored on Arweave, they cannot be changed or removed in any way by anyone.
This is the continuation of the dream that was the Great Library of Alexandria. In order for us to move forward and continue making better decisions we need the ability to clearly see our past.

everPay is bringing Web2 financial institutions to the permaweb

We’re excited to share that this week the everVision team announced an important milestone for Arweave and the Web3 overall. Through the launch of their strategic partnership with Malaysia’s Asia Digital Bank, they will leverage the everPay protocol and provide the necessary tools for Asia Digital Bank to store the ledger of financial institutions to the permaweb. This development begins a new and exciting chapter for our ecosystem, one in which Arweave can become the underlying settlement infrastructure for the financial institutions of the future.

The two teams have ambitious plans and are looking to develop more Web3 technology projects aimed at serving the needs of financial institutions, so make sure to read all the details of their announcement and find out everything about the exciting things to come.

Ar:// is taking over browsers everywhere

A new update released by the team over at ArConnect introduced support of the ar:// protocol for all compatible browsers. What this means for users is that accessing data stored on Arweave is now much easier, all you need to do is input the right address in your web browser. The implementation of the Arweave URI scheme supports both transactions and ARNS names so you should have everything you need right at your fingertips. Check out their announcement to learn more about these exciting changes.

Permacast’s UIs are now permanent with the help of 4EVERLAND

Permacast has partnered with 4EVERLAND to deploy the UIs of their applications and landing page on the permaweb, ensuring these will be safe forever. For those not familiar with 4EVERLAND, they are a cloud computing platform that leverages the blockchain and allows developer to host websites or applications on the Arweave blockchain in minutes. Find more information about them by visiting

As for existing Permacast users, the team has made sure to retain the existing domains, so you shouldn’t have any problems accessing the podcasts you know and love. Head on over to and check out the newest releases.

Build and win in the Ark Protocol hackathon

Are you ready to start building? announced that their Ark Protocol hackathon will be starting November 21st and winners will be provided with up to $12,000 in prize money. Builders that want to participate will have to use the Ark Protocol to either integrate with existing dApps or build new ones from scratch. Ark is a “multi-chain identity linking protocol” that allows Arweave addresses to be associated with addresses on other chains, in essence providing users with one identity across the entire Web3. With this power in the hands of builders, we’re excited to see what projects will be developed. To find out more about the rules of the hackathon and how you can participate, head on over to their official announcement page.

The permaweb just got its own WeTransfer

Permafy, a new project that aims to simplify the upload of data on the permaweb, has just launched this past week in collaboration with Arweave’s own Community Labs! Permafy plans to introduce the permaweb to the world by removing all barriers to entry for crypto and non-crypto users. The uploads can be done through any browser, a wallet is not required for authentication and payments can be made through credit card using fiat.

So, what’s left? Quick uploads and a shareable link to your file, which is now permanently and securely stored across the Arweave blockchain. You no longer have any excuses for using centralised and intrusive services when sharing your data, so head on over to their website and take advantage of their introductory pricing (50¢ for 100MB).

ArDrive-App keeps on getting better

This last week, the team at ArDrive has released another update to their web and mobile applications introducing two new requested features – time stamps and deep resync for your files and folders. With the introduction of timestamps, users can now easily track when their files have been uploaded and last changed on the permaweb, while the deep resync feature eliminates any data conflicts for users by clearing the data cache of the application. Make sure to check out the new version of ArDrive-App, which is now available at

III. Things you won’t encounter on Arweave

Warp Contracts highlighted once again the importance of permanent storage by bringing into attention one particular thing that’s happening right now: the “scrubbing” of every FTX/SBF related material that can make individuals and companies look bad by associating their name with laudative takes on somebody that overnight transformed from hero to villain. The current Web2 allows everybody to crop their public endorsements and, in the process, create a somehow fake “always right” image. Guess what, in reality, we all are subjected to being wrong, and those episodes, when acknowledged and remembered, become lessons both for us and for future generations. Deleting our own public discourse instead of assuming it is probably worse than being wrong in the first place.

This attitude can not exist if every “influencer” uses Arweave. Knowing that you have no possibility to delete your content if it backfires will greatly increase the due diligence in the first place. We’d love to see more and more public takes being posted on Arweave. By the way…remember Alex.? We started to permanently archive all the SBF/FTX related posts. There are already more than 17k entries in this data set.


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