Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #62: The ‘Path of building’ Edition

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This week in crypto was not for the faint of heart. Literally empires have crashed. Meanwhile, what happened on the Permaweb? The usual building routine. And that’s a breath of fresh air in the overall heated Web3 space. Community Labs launched Venture Studio, Permaswap entered the second phase of its testnet and EXM partnered with WeaveDB.

Is that all that happened this week on Arweave?

Don’t make us answer rethorical questions, just have a dive into our weekly report and find out.

I. Arweave Network

Take a long look at figures above. They may look good in the light of the collapse that’s happening in crypto space. We had over 1.2 million transactions and the total weave size already passed 105 TBs. One can say that we’re doing numbers. Actually, if you take a look on the below Web3 Index you can see a hefty increase in the 30 day trend, while obviously remaining in the pole position. So yeah, even when the actual price for 1GB stored on Arweave is quite low at 0.202 $AR, Arweave is still the most efficient one when it comes to actual “revenue” produced for and by the protocol.

However, these numbers will probably pale in comparison with the data that will be uploaded to the blockweave in the foreseeable future.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

Become a part of Venture Studio

This week Community Labs introduced the world to Venture Studio, their latest initiative that aims to support builders in the Arweave ecosystem. Venture Studio takes a novel approach in the space where they do not act as an incubator or accelerator for new projects but more as a building partner for “Fellows” that are part of the program. To quote them, they take care of builders and teammates so they can focus on building with low drag in a high-impact environment. 

What this means for founders is that you can expect the full support of Community Labs, ranging from technical or operational up to dedicated coaching and mentorship. If you’re interested in building on Arweave, check out the idea roadmap they just published and apply to become a Fellow.

Swap like crazy on Permaswap’s testnet

After their first successful testnet that gathered over 4500 users, Permaswap, Arweave’s first cross-chain DEX, has just launched their second testnet. This time around, they want to stress-test their infrastructure and are running a “Limitless Stress Test” until the 17th of November. 

If you want to help the team over at Permaswap, you just need to request testnet tokens using the provided form and start swapping and providing liquidity like crazy. Of course, the team thought of making the process more engaging for their users, so they are offering 100 AR in rewards for the users that have the highest swap and liquidity volumes.

Uploads on the permaweb have gotten easier on Akord

This week Akord launched another update to their v2 platform by introducing the ability to upload folders directly through your browser. This will allow users to maintain all their files in the folder structure they are used to while still enjoying the comfort of knowing their files are secure on the permaweb. As this wasn’t enough, the team also did some under-the-hood improvements to the Akord API, which means new vault creations now happen 70-75% quicker. Adding notes and folders, as well as renaming, are 60-80% quicker. Test out their latest improvements by heading over to their platform.

WeaveDB and EXM are partnering up

The teams at WeaveDB and EXM announced a new partnership this week with the goal of developing a NoSQL database on the permaweb. It seems the teams have been working on integrations between for a while now, and are getting closer to offering developers a reliable and flexible Web3 NoSQL alternative. If you’d like to learn more about their plans and future developments, make sure to follow them on Twitter.

Warp Contracts is getting a new testnet

As activity has been steadily ramping up on the Warp Testnet, the team over at Redstone has been developing a new testnet solution in order to overcome the scalability limitations that the first iteration encountered. The new testnet is no longer based on Arlocal (the standard local testnet for Arweave) and instead all transactions will be posted on the mainnet with a special tag so these can be easily identified and accessed through the AR and Warp gateways. Rest assured, all existing tools will still be supported on the new testnet so users will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the upgrade. Make sure to switch on over to the new testnet quickly as the team has disclosed that the old one will be shut down soon.

Check out Permacast’s shiny new landing page

Permacast, the Web3 podcasting platform built on top of Arweave has had a few interesting announcements this week. The team announced that the application has been rewritten in EXM and is now also leveraging Bundlr to bring users instant transaction finality and the ability to pay with ETH. On top of that, the team also launched a new landing page for the platform to assist new users. To find out more about the platform and its plans for shaping the future of podcasting, head on over to

III. Things you won’t encounter on Arweave

Today’s piece is about something more broad. About the competing ethoses you’ll find in Web3. On Arweave you won’t find the one that led to FTX collapse.

For days there were rumours about potential insolvency surrounding Alameda Research, and by contagion, FTX, the second-largest centralised exchange. On 6th November at 5.47 PM, CZ, the CEO of Binance (the largest centralised exchange), created a Twitter thread that somehow confirmed the rumours. Two days and many tweets later, on 8th November at 6.09 PM, the deed was done, CZ announced the intention to fully acquire FTX (due to a non-binding agreement – this detail could be important in the next days) in an attempt to save the FTX customers and probably mitigate the effects FTX potential collapse would produce in the market. Also, he laid down some lessons to be learned here and here. The very next day Binance rolled back and FTX customers were left with nothing for the time being. 

Besides the centralisation vs decentralisation narrative, there is another one, one about the path of building versus the path of magical money. A huge chunk of the Web3 was entrenched into selling “boxes” while just a minority was steadily building. The Arweave bunch is the breed that builds.


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