Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #61: The ‘Meta’ Edition

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Usually it is easy for us to pick the main topic for a weekly report. This week made the choice very difficult. Which one to choose? The Meta announcement? The Arweave in Lisbon event? The breaching of the ATH for monthly data uploads? All of them are worthy to represent a stand-alone main topic in any other weekly report…but all of them happened this week.

If you want to know more about those topics and the latest developments from inside the ecosystem, just tap into our weekly report.

I. Arweave Network

That’s all for this week, folks!

Well, of course, it is not. Yeap, the Meta/Instagram announcement is huge, and it will have a lot of repercussions when it comes to Arweave broader adoption and the – let’s call it normalization of the permanent storage in the mainstream web narrative, but this is just the first leg of a road that just opened in the front of the protocol. By reaching this level – adoption by one of the largest content-driven platforms in the world, Arweave only achieved in the public eye, what we already knew for some time now: the acknowledgment that it is a mature protocol, ready to be mass-implemented.

The above-mentioned idea – the maturity of the protocol is backed by actual hard data. In the same week, Arweave already crossed the threshold of 400 million pieces of data stored on the network. If it’s not impressive, try to count to 1000.

Also, October, basically, prior to any mind blowing announcement, represented the month with the most data uploads from Arweave’s history.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

Arweave in Lisbon aftermath

Having Bundlr as the main organiser and Amelia, the COO of Bundlr as the host of Arweave Demo Day, October 31th was deemed to be remembered.

The day was opened by Sam Williams with a new take on an already brand new subject: he presented the concept of evolutionary Apps, as a direct implementation of the Fair Forks he and Abhav had just theorised some weeks ago. The idea is that via forking the competitive cycles between dev teams could be reduced and even replaced by a new kind of relationship between opposing teams with similar goals. In Web2, when two teams are competing for a niche, there will be only one winner. With the help of evolutionary apps both teams could strike some wins, letting both survive and even strive, with the actual winner being the end user that will have to choose between the work of two teams instead of one. Did we catch your interest? Good, because we’ll talk more about this in the future.

Also, 9 projects from the Arweave ecosystem presented their latest developments, so yeah…there is a 4 hours long recording, but it’s worth the time, so take your notebook and enjoy!

Execution Machine partnered with

Execution Machine, the project that brings a totally different approach to the industry with its trustless functions approach, just partnered with for nothing less than trying to push the Arweave ecosystem to “exceed any standard”. That can be considered a bold statement if you don’t know both teams, but we are pretty sure that they can actually make it a reality. Just a couple of days ago, EXM released version 0.1.5, which greatly expanded the already hefty set of features they amassed under EXM’s belt.

ReadON just landed in the Arweave ecosystem

ReadOn just wrapped up an exciting and busy week, as they won first place in the Web3Infra Hackathon and also announced a new strategic partnership with Arweave. ReadOn is a project that aims to build a community of readers on Web3 and free us from the attention-hogging social media giants of Web2. Users are incentivised to read novel and interesting content on ReadOn’s platform by enabling them to earn the currency $READ, while the quality content on their platform is managed exclusively by the community through a new model called “content staking”. Following the partnership with Arweave, all the content on ReadOn’s platform will be stored on the permaweb, ensuring that great writing will be available forever.

Web3Infra reaches over 200k transactions

Web2Infra is only a few months old and is already making serious gains. At its release in August 2022, everVision, back then called everFinance, mentioned as an inception statement:

Now, through, developers can use the SDK to connect to “public nodes” deployed by everFinance for the permanent storage of files. There’s no need to configure an Arweave wallet, no need to hold AR tokens, and most importantly, it’s easy to pay for storage using their cross-chain assets via the everPay payment protocol.

Guess what, now, through Web3Infra there are already more than 200k transactions being submitted to Arweave.

Permacast has been rewritten

Arguably user experience is the next leg up in the Web3 space. We figured out how to create decentralised Apps, now we have to make them available to the general public. Permacast is doing exactly that by rewriting the entire code in EXM, leveraging instant transaction finality for the end user, and increasing the ways a user can interact with the dApp by allowing payments in other tokens besides AR$ thanks to Bundlr.

III. Things you won’t encounter on Arweave

This is not necessarily the straight-of-the-bat take you are used to in this section but bear with us:

The above tweet received the following answer:

Which then materialised in this thread:

We won’t write about the fairness of the proposed tax, we won’t talk about its necessity, and we won’t talk about its general “rationale”. For what we care, we know that a Twitter-like dApp on Arweave could be entirely free, but that’s another tale for another time.

This time we want to focus on how a cross-platform price was apparently negotiated between two persons. That’s the foundational story for a price on Web2.

We know that every service, decentralised or not, has a cost for remaining operational. Still, a margin of 60% left for negotiation between the proposed cost and the final “offer” seems a little bit too…loose. In comparison, Arweave always tried to find the best and simple way to produce an accurate pricing model to ensure its purpose – permanent storage for the data set, and nothing more. With Arweave 2.6 we’ll reach an even greater accuracy for achieving this goal as efficiently as possible. You will never see this kind of haggling on Arweave.


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