Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #60: The ‘100TBs’ Edition

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Over 2 TBs were uploaded yesterday on Arweave, making the network surpass the 100 TBs threshold with a boom. Inside the ecosystem things are getting explosive as well. The Arweave in Lisbon event is literally days away and all the projects already gathered in Portugal’s capital, PermaDAO presented the top 13 entries from its hackathon and is asking the community to vote on them. Along with this, a history of all the Arweave’s iterations was just published.

Dive in our weekly report if you want to know more!

I. Arweave Network

The 100 TB threshold just got obliterated! Yesterday alone we encountered 2 TBs uploads on Arweave, setting the 27th of October 2022 as the day with the most explosive growth of the blockweave ever. Basically the same amount of data that was uploaded from 2018 until the end of 2020 was uploaded in a day.

What is even more impressive is the size of some blocks that made this amount possible. There are lots of them well over 30GB, but there is one that caught our attention especially. A mammoth of over 131 GB packed with over over 750 transactions. Everyone is talking how scaling is an issue in the case of Web3 and Arweave is just doing it without a fuss: 131 GB and 750 transactions being packed in a block in around 2 minutes.

II.Arweave Ecosystem

PermaDAO needs your help in selecting their hackathon winners

With the conclusion of the allocated development time for PermaDAO’s web3Infra hackathon, the team has chosen the top 13 projects and is now asking the community to help them select the winning initiatives. Head on over to their website and discover the ideas developed by the different teams.

While you’re at it, make sure to check their Discord channel, as the team has prepared some AR to tip active members of the community.

Discover Arweave’s history and find out where the protocol is heading

With the upcoming Arweave Protocol 2.6 release, DMac has taken the time to walk us through how Arweave has evolved from a technical perspective since its mainnet launch in 2018.

Watch his detailed presentation to brush up on your AR history and discover the exciting things arriving at the permaweb in the near future.

Arweave just got its own state-of-the-art message board

Happy news Arweavers, the team over at Community Labs has finished building the first HackerNews-inspired message board for our ecosystem. The team has built the entire logic using the Execution Machine, and it all lives in a serverless and trustless environment on the permaweb. Be one of the first to share your thoughts with the Arweave community by heading over to today.

P.S. Signing up is a breeze, just ArConnect and pick a username.

Find yourself in Lisbon? Get your ANS name by participating in the Demo Day

Arweave in Lisbon is soon approaching on the 31st of October, and we are excited for the opportunity to see a host of great teams presenting the latest developments of their projects. For all of those attending, make sure to claim your POAP at ETH Lisbon and get your ANS name, courtesy of

Can we interest you in some $bAR?

If you weren’t convinced yet, ArDrive is now giving you one more reason for using them to store your files on the permaweb securely. For every upload through their web and mobile applications, you’ll now be minting fresh $bAR. Support for $bAR in the ArDrive CLI is also under development and will be released by the team in the near future. Check out their newly updated app at and listen to your wallet go bARRRR for every new upload.

Discover Web3’s first permissionless SQL database

Have you ever stopped and wondered how Web3 databases of the future would look like? Wonder no more, as Kwil has already built a decentralised permissionless SQL database on the permaweb. Check out why their product is key for Web3’s infrastructure layer and learn more about the project by watching their interview with SevenX Ventures.

III. Things you won’t encounter on Arweave

This week’s story is not just the classical “never on Arweave”, but rather never on Web3, as a whole, story. We tend to transform realities into buzzwords and then forget what they actually mean. We know that in Web2, companies have the power, which is bad. Still, while repeating it as a mantra, we managed to create the opposite reaction, somehow diluting the meaning of this truth. ArDrive helped us to refresh this take by presenting their actual interaction with one of the Web2 gatekeepers: Apple and their IOS app admission guidelines. Apparently, while they are perfectly fine with apps that trick children into buying virtual candies to reach new levels in silly games with their parents’ credit cards, they had to put a stop to the IOS version of ArDrive, just because:

They made a market, and they will let anybody milk it as long as they will get their cut. That’s “fine”, but we have to understand that no Web2 company is a Web3 friend. Apps like ArDrive, networks like Arweave, are more public goods than businesses that want to maximise profit. Web2 has no compass for this kind of interaction. They fail to understand an economy of value that will no longer let them be in charge but rather a protocol.

So, yeah, at one point in time, when the user experience on Web3 will be on par with Web2, but with the perk of transparency and fairness coming by default, they will be replaced.


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