Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #56: The ‘Arweave 2.6’ Edition

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It was an activity-filled week in the Arweave ecosystem as the founder of Arweave, Sam Williams and founders of protocols and applications built on the blockchain met in Singapore, Asia. The event, co-hosted by Arweave and Everfinance, had presentations and several announcements of funding, partnerships and new initiatives that are aimed at growing the Arweave space.

In this weekly, we will give a run over all that happened at Arweave in Asia and other updates across the space.

I. Arweave Network

One major highlight from the conference in Singapore was the announcement by Williams of an upgrade to the chain called Arweave 2.6. The upgrade took 18 months to research and develop and it would require less energy to save more data. Check out this story by Arweave News’s AZ where Arweave 2.6 was explained for both developers and non-developers.

The Digital History Association or DHA, a Swiss non-profit organisation, was also launched by Williams in Singapore. The DHA would provide research and development service to the protocol and would promote mass adoption of Arweave. In this story, Arweave News reported in detail what the DHA is and how it will be operated.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

Arweave News’s Coverage of the Arweave in Asia Meeting

To keep the ecosystem up-to-date on events and happenings at the meeting in Asia, our reporter, Pierre, went to Singapore. In days to come, we will be publishing interviews with major participants at the meeting. Before then, we did a Twitter thread on the Arweave in Asia meeting.


EverFinance changes name

If you are wondering what the saying ‘what is in a name’ means, then in EverVision, EverFinance’s new name you will find the meaning. During the week it successfully co-hosted Arweave in Asia conference. EverFinance announced on Twitter that it was changing its name to reflect what it currently is: an Arweave infrastructure builder.


EverVision will be operating the newly-announced Arweave Asia Fund. The fund will help to build and encourage the adoption of the Arweave ecosystem across south-east Asia.

Sneak preview of Permapages dashboard

Ahead of its unveiling next week, Permapages, a site generator, note taker and blogging platform with built-in support for Stamp Protocol, showed users changes made to its stamps dashboard. The number of Atomic Assets in the system and stamps can be viewed on the new dashboard. Users can also connect wallets and view stats. integrates with Lens Protocol

Powered by Ark verifiable identity attestations, the integration allows oracle and API to display Lens handles and activity for Arweave users, making it possible for dApps that use Arweave identity to verify and import everything from Lens.


To Avoid Outage, Move to Aqua, Spheron Says

If you use Spheron’s to host your website and connect your domain, you are advised to move to to avoid suffering an outage beginning from October 1, Spheron said in an announcement this week. Websites on the old deployment platform will see broken links until Aqua is turned into an app. Spheron said the product upgrade was part of its process to move from beta to main.

In other updates from Spheron, building partnership is crucial to the network’s expansion growth and expansion in Web3, hence, its collaboration with Reef Chain where applications on the chain are hosted on Spheron and Reef provides technical support in exchange.

Permacast Video Platform

Permacast will soon launch a platform to store videos permanently on Arweave. This follows its success in storing podcasts on the permaweb. Now it calls for content creators to register to access the upcoming product.

Kwil Bags $9.6 million Capital Injection

In a funding round led by cryptocurrency exchange FTX’s venture capital arm and Digital Currency Group, Kwil raised $9.6 million. As of now, It is not clear how the funds will be expended, Kwil has said an official announcement and round details would be released.

III Things you won’t encounter on Arweave

This week, the hashtag Renew Final Space trended on social media. Final Space, an adult animated, intergalactic comedy television series which follows Gary’s and Mooncake’s adventures to unlock the mystery of “Final Space”, where the universe ends was cancelled for renewal and taken off the internet in the United States by Warner Brothers Discovery who owns it as a tax write off.

Programme creator, Olan Rogers said when the licence is up internationally, Netflix would take it down and “and then it will be gone forever. There are no more physical copies of season one and two and no physical copies of season three were made.

“Your memory of Final Space will be the only proof it ever existed unless you own a copy,” Rogers said.

If the show had been backed up on Arweave, it would have been stored forever. On Arweave, Final Space would have been protected from unexpected policy change, terms of use and restriction. On Arweave, Final Space would have been replicated and backed up on over a thousand nodes across the world for 200 years. Final Space’s situation serves as a lesson to creators that the surest way to give permanent existence at a low cost to your content is Arweave.



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