Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #54: The ‘Grand Meeting’ Edition

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New takes on truth-proof systems, new blockchains starting to use Arweave storage through KYVE for their historical blockchain data, a huge Arweave meeting announced to be held in Asia and a lot more. All this happened only in the past week on Arweave.

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I. Arweave Network

Remember the new graphs you can consult on ViewBlock V2? They allow us to take a look at a very interesting metric: the cumulative endowment. The endowment, as you may already know, represents the very thing that allows Arweave to guarantee future payments for miners and hence, the permanent character of the network. Take into consideration the first eight months from 2021 – almost the peak of the crypto bull market, and the first eight months from 2022 – mostly characterised by a crypto winter.  What we can observe is evocative of the ethos of permanence that is embedded in this network: For Jan-Aug 2021, the endowment has increased by approximately 5500 AR$; For Jan-Aug 2022, the endowment has increased by over 10500 AR$, almost double than in the previous year’s period. In times of high stress, the endowment thrived, cumulating a total of 40k AR$. Be like Arweave and learn how to rule this bear market.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

Arweave in Asia, the hottest event of this autumn

Arweave’s asian based community is bigger than ever. Considering this, a meeting of asian based projects with the core team of Arweave was inevitable. In the second half of September Singapore will be the spot with the highest concentration of arweavers. Besides some European based projects like Verto Exchange, Akord Team, Decent.Land and RedStone, even Sam Williams, the founder of Arweave is expected to arrive and exchange thoughts about the present and the future of the Permaweb and the Blockweave. Also, this will represent a very first for us, the Arweave News team. We’ll be present there and we’ll broadcast to you exclusive news throughout the entire duration of the meeting. We’re so eager to finally meet our friends from Asia. If you are a part of a project that’s building on top of Arweave and you want to be a part of this meeting, just reach out to everFinance, the initiators of this event.

Warp Contracts just announced Q-Rate

What is Q-Rate? It represents Warp Contracts’s take on truth proof systems. While the huge rise of fake news represented one of the reasons Arweave was invented – as a way to fight for the truth – now, on top of Arweave, Warp Contracts and other players like PermaFact, are trying to take the fight against fake information even further.

Q-Rate lets users vote with their QRT tokens whether any website contains fake information or not. The process is simple. If you detect that a website possibly contains fake information, you can report it as fake. The dispute has opened. Optionally – you can stake the initial amount of tokens and set the timestamp. The default timestamp is set to one day from the current moment. From this point on, if you visit the reported website, you will see an orange warning box in the right corner claiming that page might contain fake info. If you report a page as a fake, other wallet addresses can vote with their QRT tokens whether they agree with you or not. They can vote for TRUE – if they think that the news is real or FAKE – if they consider the news to be fake. When the dispute ends, the number of tokens that addresses staked for the losing options are redistributed proportionally between winning addresses. If the website has been marked as fake, the orange box will turn red with the information that the website has been indicated as fake.

As you can see, this particular implementation is presented as participation in a hackathon, so let’s all give them a vote and let them know that we’ll be there to use Q-Rate.

Verto did it again. Big time

Probably you know them as, the first Arweave-based marketplace – the true OGs. Probably you know Tate, their founder. Did you know that he is only 18? This detail doesn’t represent an obstacle, on the contrary in his case, apparently, it fueled the capacity to think big, and to aim only for what is the very best when it comes to what can be done on Arweave. Now his company, Community Labs, also has the means to realise his vision: 30 million $ raised to boost Arweave adoption. Great days are laying ahead.

Pianity released a hot new feature

Pianity, one of the most relevant music NFT marketplaces that is using Arweave since its inception, announced the release of a new feature: the Stats Page. It improves the overall user experience, letting you to have a peek at different metrics like the last purchase price, the floor price, and the number of owners relative to the number of editions for each song or artist. While the technology behind a Web3 project is vital, it is still important to constantly try to offer a user experience as smoothly as possible. Pianity does exactly that.

4EVERLAND now offers even more ways to interact with Arweave

4EVERLAND announced the offering of AR hosting. They took everFinance’s Arseeding and integrated it into their product to offer a smooth experience for Web2 and Web3 developers alike. If you want to know more about it, you can check our article below, or, if you truly want to know more, you can wait until we publish an exclusive interview with 4EVERALAND’s founder. For now, you can enjoy a little sneak peek:

We are very excited about our integration with Arweave and the implementation of the Ar-hosting service, which will mean that developers can quickly deploy and host their front-ends on Arweave through 4EVERLAND. By providing such a CI/CD tool, we can make front-end deployment easier, more efficient and less costly for devs. Also this integration provides devs who previously hosted their front-ends on IPFS or  Dfinity via our Hosting service, a new option.

Arweave becomes the storage solution for  Sei through KYVE

KYVE, the Web3’s data lake, partnered with Sei, a new Layer 1 solution that wants to become the fastest blockchain optimised for trading. This partnership will let Sei to use KYVE’s data feed and storage solution. As you may already know, KYVE’s storage solution relays on Arweave’s permanence, so, ultimately Sei will store their historical blockchain data on Arweave. Long story short: to achieve high speeds, a blockchain design should be as “thin” as possible; to achieve this, they have to find a reliable storage solution; Arweave represents by far one of the best choices available on the market.

A call for a logo

Only Arweave, the Twitter account that is – guess what, focused only on Arweave related topics, presented a challenge: let’s all start to brainstorm for a logo that will represent the Permaweb. While the blockweave is the layer where all the information is stored on Arweave, the Permaweb is the layer on top of the blockweave that represents all the permanent dApps and services that are using Arweave. As you can see, this is a massive endeavour, is like creating a logo for the web itself back in the days, so let’s brainstorm together and find something that will become an emblem through the ages.

III. Things you won’t encounter on Arweave

According to School Library Journal’s 2022 Controversial Books Review, there are more and more books “challenged” to be taken off the shelf in School Libraries. The risk for a book to be removed from a certain section of a library, or to be removed completely is quite real. If this trend will continue we will witness a new form of censorship, conducted through transparent means, but nevertheless harmful. How can we assure that a book will survive through the ages? How can we assure that it will survive periods characterised by opposite views that will want that particular part of knowledge/art gone?

Well, everything that’s been uploaded on Arweave will be permanently present on the blockweave. There is definitely no room for censorship on Arweave.


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