Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #50: The ‘Flex’ Edition

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What a week we had. Arweave team launched 6 new tools, each ground breaking on their own. The blocksize surpassed the 85 TB Threshold and Verto started to Flex harder than ever. Guess what, this is just the frosting.

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I. Arweave Network

While we wait for ViewBlock’s new features, we thought we’d take a look at the blockweave size. Guess what we found? In the last week, the total size of the weave surpassed the 85 TB threshold. At this rate, there is a big chance to see that 90 TB will be already uploaded by the summer’s end. Each new GB that is uploaded to Arweave represents proof that blockchains actually get along with big chunks of data. Probably in the next bull run, this statement will be further tested, and people will truly understand what it means not to have a block size limit.  85, 90, 100 TBs all those figures are just a joke compared to what Arweave can do. Everybody is talking about Web3 but few tend to recognise that you can not do it with a few MB written in a minute.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

Six new tools for the Arweave Ecosystem

Arweave Team rarely speaks…but man, when it does it makes the difference. The core team of Arweave developers released not one, not two, but six news tools and protocols that are aiming to bring Arweave at the very front of the blockchain technology – not only when it comes to permanent storage. We’re talking about:

  • the very own Arweave take on curving sybill attacks through Vouch Protocol and Vouch DAO.
  • a total new approach on how people will interact with the web. Instead of letting company algorithms decide what content they should consume, they will be able to create their personal trail for others to follow. This is done through Stamp Protocol and Stamp Coin.
  • programmably exchangeable tokens – thanks to Verto
  • burntAR – a token that will enable deep SmartWeave interactions.

More about the new tools launched by Arweave Team

Nader Dabit, one of the dev rels that dove deapest into the Arweave ecosystem, released his own take about the new tools that were just presented this week. S0, if you are in for a more thorough and methodical explanation of the intricacies of those tools and why they are awesome, we strongly advise you to read his entire thread. Also, at the end of his thread, you will find a link that will direct you to one of Rakis’s videos that will explain to you even better how to start coding on Arweave. By the way, if you are not already aware, Rakis made another video explaining how the Stam Protocol works. You can check it out here.

Verto redefines the limits

Programmably Exchangeable Tokens will kill exchanges.

Do you consider this statement too bold? The time will tell. A thing is certain, Verto launched Verto Flex, an open source framework that enables the use of  Programmably Exchangeable Tokens (PETs), one of the core features announced by Arweave team. What does this actually mean? Well, it’s huge, we won’t reiterate their examples, for that, you can just read their thread. To summarise, the issuer of a token can introduce almost any kind of rule that now resides on third parties to be implemented, directly in the code of the token. For example, you don’t have to rely on a launchpad to enforce the rules for early adopters, you can just code those rules directly in the smart contract that is governing your token. Actually, with this implementation, Verto will not only kill the exchanges, but the idea of standards in general. For the first time in crypto, the imagination is the final barrier in the matter of what you can do in regards with a token. 

Warp Contracts announced a webinar with some of the coolest devs from the entire space

After reading the news from above, you suddenly feel the urge to build on Arweave? The first stop should definitely be the Webinar conducted by Warp Contracts, RedStone’s division that help you build the fastest products on Arweave. They will feature developers from the very core of the Arweave team, and besides the knowledge they will pour upon you, there will be treats for all those who will attend. Don’t forget the date: 18 august 2022. See you there.

Around 24 hours left to play Pulsar Pursuit

This entry represents at the same time a call to action and a way of shedding light on a cool project that somehow was not mentioned as much as it deserved in our reports. Actually, on this occasion, we want to kindly apologise to all the initiatives related to Arweave that are out here and are somehow feeling underrepresented in our selections. Don’t worry, we know about you, and we’ll reach all of you eventually. By the way, you can take this as a hint: all Arweave-related projects are more than welcome to contact us through our channels when they’ll have some big announcement to be made public and we’ll definitely find the time to publish your news.

Anyway, let’s go back to our original news: Gridacity, a project that aims to transport all the gaming experiences on chain and uses Arweave as a means to store their games, made all of us aware that one of their games could be played only for about 32 hours from the moment of their post. Now, evidently, there is even less time, and probably until the moment this report reaches you, the window of opportunity will be already closed. Still, Gridacity will continue to be around and to further produce arcade-style games that will rely on Web3 immutable and permanent tech, so put them on your radar.

RedStone needs you

RedStone, one of the pillars of Arweave when it comes to delivering certain pieces of infrastructure like speedy smart contracts and reliable oracle data – one of the projects from the ecosystem that probably gave the most to all the builders on Arweave – needs something in return: a reliable person to fill a marketing position. We know that there are a lot of arweavers who could meritoriously fit into that position. So if you feel you can help, please reach out to them. Also, please keep in mind that the announcement was posted at the beginning of the week, so maybe you should hurry.

III. Things you won’t encounter on Arweave

We have to admit that Akord has a special ability to point to stuff that you won’t encounter on Arweave. This week they didn’t let us down either. Apparently, while Arweave is trying to create a full stack of immutable and permanent web services, others are falling short on permanence. In fact, the majority of the Web3 initiatives are in one way or another linked with Web2 Web services. This could be considered fine…until stuff like the one described below is happening. So yeah, even in the incipient form of permapages…this won’t happen on Arweave and expect that the ease of creating permanent webpages and dApps to only increase.




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