Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #47: The ‘Ark’ Edition

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No matter what happens, Arweave stays the first in the pack when it comes to demand-side protocol fees. Ark Protocol is up for testing, everPay and Akord shake hands into creating the tenth everPay NFT auction and RedStone introduces price feeds for the most known NFT collections.

Is this all? Of course not. Jump into our weekly report and read all about this week on Arweave.

I. Arweave Network

The line goes up and down in crypto in such a volatile manner that it makes everyone crave for a constant. Whenever you’ll look outside, misleading terms like TVL (total value locked) or market cap, you’ll face what counts: the real demand of a protocol weighted in fees paid for its service. In this department, Arweave is steady as a rock. We don’t know when, if ever, Arweave ranked lower than #1.

This week Arweave network received a boost of over 30% in demand-side protocol fees than the last week according to Web3 Index. Even if the 30-day trend is still negative, Arweave manages to be way above the average trend of the other protocols showcased on Web3 Index.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

Akord and everPay teamed up for another NFT auction

The tenth auction on everPay is on and features a collaboration between Akord and everPay. The winners of the NFTs will receive a physical high-quality print too. If one tries to sequence the everPay auctions in different epochs, we will get at least three. The one when NFTs were released directly by everPay, the one when the NFTs were signed by different new artists, and now we are in the middle of the era of project collaborations, where every new auction displays the joint work of everPay and another Arweave project. Enjoy the current one where the artist Serge Seidlitz brought to life the crypto slang.

Apex Foundation announced a fiat on-ramp system for Arweave storage

Apex Foundation, a Web3 project with great ambitions, which, when finalised, will consist of four components: Apex nodes, swap, bridge, and chain, announced the building of a fiat on-ramp system for Arweave storage. This will mean that a direct bridge between fiat and AR token will be created. While waiting for more information about the nature of this on-ramp system, one thing is certain: buying Arweave storage with fiat will only increase the chances for broader use cases.

Finally, the Decent Land’s Ark Protocol is out for testing

Ark protocol, the cross-chain identity solution created by Decent.Land is out for everybody to stress till the breaking point. Those who link their identities cross-chain will be whitelisted for future rewards. If you are a project founder and you believe that integrating Ark Protocol inside your dApp will greatly improve your users’ experience, propose an integration and you could win a grant from Decent.Land.

Also, there is a bug bounty for those who will manage to discover bugs in the UI/UX, in the smart contract, or in the node design. So sharpen your perfectionist side and try to break the protocol.

Now you can bulk upload on Permacast

Remember the incentive Permacast offered to upload audio content on it? Now they raised, even more, the rewards for certain uploads, offering 1.5x the normal rewards for those who will upload full audiobooks that are in the public domain. To make this work as smooth as possible, they made the Permacast CLI public. Now everyone can import content in bulk from any existing RSS feed. What are you waiting for? Choose your preferred feed that is existing in the public domain realm and start to upload it all.

RedStone introduces NFT price feeds oracles

After the introduction of Warp Contracts, we almost forgot that RedStone Finance is one of the most reliable oracles providers for the Arweave ecosystem. Now they introduced price feeds for the 20 most popular NFT collections from OpenSea. Continuously expanding the data feeds they provide is pivotal for the growth of the ecosystem, in simple terms – new data means new Permaweb dApps.

Memory Garden brings Arweave storage to Web2 users

A new solution that simplifies the contact with Arweave is open for business. Memory Gardens, via ArDrive, helps traditional internet users to permanently store their memories while not asking for a crypto wallet. Now you can pay for Arweave storage directly with your credit card. While we are not encouraging the “easy way” when it comes to dealing with Web3, we have to admit that there are people out there that only want to reap the benefits of the technology without the hassle of dealing with all the necessary steps. Memory Gardens is the perfect tool for them: permanent storage and Web2 ease when it comes to payment.

III. Things you won’t encounter on Arweave

One of the most controversial features of any blockchain is its immutability. We won’t further expand on the pros and cons highlighted by the supporters or the opponents of data permanence for now. Instead, we’ll show you the #1 use case for Arweave by comparison to how easy it is for the governments to erase unwanted content in Web2. Since 2021 over 750 web sites and almost 100 YouTube Channels were taken down/banned by India under the claim of spreading fake news and “content detrimental to the country’s sovereignty and integrity“. Remember that India is a democracy, the biggest one in terms of citizens count. What’s happening inside countries that are clearly and strongly dismissing democratic values? The easiest way for a state to impose its desired policies is to quickly label and remove the non-aligned speech. Sometimes this approach could even feel right, but make no mistakes, the entire society loses when you are shutting down voices.


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