Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #46: The ‘Broken Threshold’ Edition

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It seems that there is a hot summer for Arweave. Bundlr smashed the expectations with over 200 validators in the first hours of its testnet release, warp contracts are praised for their strengths and everFinance is pushing its Arseeding nodes as a fast and cheap alternative for data storage on Arweave.

On top of those evolutions, the size of the weave broke 80 TB.

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I. Arweave Network

Last week we told you that the 80 TB threshold is certain to be met this month. Guess what, we’re only in the middle of July and we are already there. The size of the weave is over 80 TB and growing. So we thought, what about a guessing game? Let’s all try to guess when the size of the weave will reach 100 TB. With Permacast and ArDrive offering rewards for those who upload content on Arweave, we believe that this threshold will be conquered pretty soon. Let us know in the comments when do you believe it will happen.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

Permapages received a new update

Permapages, the way to rapidly bring to life your ArNS page, announced a new update: now they are supporting themes, making it even easier for ArNS holders to create their profile pages. What is ArNS? A friendly way to shorten Arweave transaction IDs to readable names. Basically, with the introduction of themes, Permapages created a friendly way to set up your friendly Arweave name.

everFinance and 4everland started to push Arseeding as a new way to bundle transactions to Arweave

Last week everFinance introduced Arseeding. You can read more about it here. This week 4everland announced that the integrated Arseeding in their “bucket”- 4everland’s own storage service onto Arweave. Now we can all understand better what Arseeding is and what it does. Given the fact that 4everland’s bucket is a AWS3 compatible storage platform, we can expect that more Web2 clients will get the taste of permanent and decentralised storage.

Bundlr launched its testnet

As expected, the launch of Bundlr testnet was received more than well. In less than 24 hours since its release, more than 200 individuals joined to become validators. We don’t know what’s the count right now but we suspect that it’s consistently greater than 200. Given the fact that Bundlr represents the first entry point to Arweave storage for almost everyone, it is important that their network will be as decentralised as posssible.

Another week, another Decent Land product update

Decent Land’s product update number ten brought a clear release for its Ark protocol: it seems that next week the cross-chain social identity protocol will be finally released.  Also, their Ark NFTs will be available for minting in the following period too. The pieces of the puzzle are slowly falling into their places and are starting to reveal the bigger picture: a truly cross-chain aggregator of different data feeds that can be ultimately saved onto the Permaweb.

Warp contracts in the words of Arweave’s community

We named our 42nd weekly report the “Warp” edition in order to mark the introduction of RedStone’s warp contracts. Now, almost a month has passed and we can witness first-hand the opinion of the community when it comes to working with this new type of contract. The overall vibe was summarised by @vilenarios, one of the core Arweave devs, and is pretty self-explanatory:

What about the opinion of different Arweave native projects? Akord team seems to be perfectly in line with @vilenarios views. After just a couple of weeks, they are confident enough to state that “Warp Contracts is now the cornerstone technology in the Akord Vault Protocol stack.”

One opinion is not enough? Pianity has the same thoughts when it comes to warp contracts. In fact, if one will ask all the devs that interacted with the latest RedStone release, all of them will probably state that this new generation of Arweave smart contracts is more stable, faster, and safer. A new battle between smart contract technologies is near and warp contracts on the behalf of Arweave will be definitely on the frontlines.

AsteroidDAO is building WeaveDB

On the same page, AsteroidDAO, a decentralised CMS that’s built on top of Arweave, is working to further expand the capabilities by creating a NoSQL database on top of Warp contracts. Their creed is that storage and computation should be separated in order to achieve web-level scalability and with WeaveDB their are aiming to achieve not only this, but hopefully to also ease the transition between Web2 and Web3.

Mapping the ecosystem

Arweave ecosystem is constantly evolving and expanding. Sometimes even we are feeling overwhelmed by the pace of the expansion. @nicolasverlhiac, the founder of OwnBase had a cool initiative to help bring a little more light into who’s who on Arweave. He’s creating an interactive list of projects and services that make up the Arweave sphere. Let’s help him make this list as complete as possible, so if you think that your project is not there yet, give him a friendly poke.

The first decentralised physical museum closed its funding round. Will they use Arweave for their digital files?

As decentralised curatorial initiatives are on the rise, the need for Arweave storage becomes more obvious as Pascal, the cofounder of Akord stressed in the following tweet. The trait of permanence coupled with the proof of not tampering with the archived files makes Arweave the single solution, at least for now, for every entity that has a stake in preserving information. Every physical museum has a digital database of some sort that keeps different types of metadata or even 3D models of their showcased artworks. Where should they keep those databases? The answer is clear for us, will it be clear for them too?

III. Things you won’t encounter on Arweave

The last years somehow were a slap on the face for the touted “planetary village”. On a planet that literally never sleeps, it is daunting to see one of the largest banks still not providing 24/7 financial services.

Arweave, like any other blockchain, has no closing hours, no maintenance breaks, and no holidays or sick days. As an extra feature, Arweave is not only about financial interactions – everybody can store and retrieve files anytime. On top of that, with the new decentralised gateways that are being built, you’ll get even a smoother experience than now.


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