Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #45: The ‘Demo Day of Real World Use-Cases’ Edition

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This week Open Web Foundry #7 just concluded, so as you may know, that means that you can prepare your project for submission in OWF #8. The incubation on Arweave never truly ends, somehow keeping the vibe of the entire network: permanent incubation for permanent storage. Besides this, Bundlr made a big move towards decentralisation and everFinance offered another tool for the use of the entire community. Keep in mind that this is only a fraction of what happened this week.

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I. Arweave Network

It seems that this month we’ll achieve the 80 TB size of the blockweave. Currently, we are sitting at around 79.07 TB. Does it seems that the curve flattened? It’s just an illusion. It reflects only what has been stored in the first seven days of the month. You don’t have to believe us, just check the same chart at the end of July and you’ll see with your own eyes. In fact, we suspect that even the current pace is slow for the network potential. We have reasons to believe that this year we’ll see a spike in core metrics like the size of the weave, average daily transactions, and data usage. A bunch of different projects are showing signs of completion while other dev teams are just entering into Arweave. The perfect storm is near, just buckle up and let your sails free.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

Open Web Foundry #7 just ended

Some days ago OWF7 concluded with its already customary Demo Day. Seven teams were deemed finalists and received the stage to showcase their projects. The definitory trait of this Demo Day seems to be that the majority of the showcased projects are directly related to real-world use. From a project that is trying to clean the world’s waters to a project that helps computers “read” natural language concepts, all the way to a project that is aiming to fix the US healthcare system. They all try to expand the boundaries of what was thought possible through Web3 tech. Please make time and follow the video they linked in its entirety, it will be worth it.

Let’s give a warm welcome to all the participants of this OWF edition, finalists or not, they are now part of the Arweave community. Let’s already prepare for OWF #8.

Bundlr testnet

We think that there is almost no weekly edition without Bundlr being mentioned here. Usually, they are announcing integrations with other chains, being in a constant struggle to spread the reach of Arweave everywhere. Now it is a special moment. They announced a big leap towards Bundlr decentralisation: their own testnet that will allow the community to test various scenarios and improve the final iteration of the network. Given the fact that they are responsible for over 90% of the uploads on Arweave, this step could be seen as important for the entire ecosystem.

Koii Network provided a sneak peek into the future

Everyone is dying to see the Koii Network operational. It seems that the moment is near. They just teased the UI of their Koii Nodes, displaying how easy it will be to add a task that will generate revenue for the node owner. Pair this simplicity with the fact that a node could be virtually any device, even your smartphone – you’ll get a pretty darn compelling recipe for success.

Akord announced a new partnership

It looks like Akord is ready to introduce permanent storage to more sensitive areas than we are accustomed to. They partnered with the decentralised digital signature platform Dedoco. From now on Akord users will be able to digitally sign documents. So, JPEG lovers beware, you’ll have to share the blockweave with lawyers and other fancy corporate fellows that will permanently save their legally binding contracts in the same block with your monkey. For more details, you can check our article here.

everFinance never stops

Since the announcement of Permaswap DEX, everFinance seems to be on a spree. In the past days, they had announcements for both Arweave developers and simple community members alike. First, they open-sourced ArSeeding 1.0 – a complex solution for developers that brings some nice tools like packaging data onto chain service, light nodes, Gateway Caching (CDN), and data seeding.

For those of us that are more into art than into coding, they just released a new NFT auction on everPay, this being the ninth one. This auction is quite special when compared to the past ones: the currency of the auction will be a different one than $AR for the first time. This time it will be $CFX (Conflux Network). They are doing this change to mark the integration of Conflux Network with everPay. So, if you like blue furry fellows and the prospects of liquidity mining on Permaswap, just swap some $AR into $CFX on everPay and start bidding here.

Decent Land’s saga continues

Another week, another Decent Land update. Product update number 9 brought, besides others, integration of the ark protocol with Aurora and BSC testnet and support for ERC token-gated guilds in the Ark Protocol Telegram bot. For those who don’t know, Ark Protocol is a way of connecting identities cross-chain developed by the Decent Land team.

Also, the art behind the ARK NFTs that were teased last week, or at least the art for the first 5 of them was presented by Decent Land’s art director Lee David Tyrrell. Just keep an eye open for this project, the amount of work and soul they poured into it is already visible.

Another educational resource for new arweavers

Usually when I’m asked what is Arweave, I’ll say “It’s simple, bear with me” and then I’ll continue for twenty minutes to throw information about all the vital parts that make Arweave what it is – the most resilient digital storage system that humanity produced until now. So, no, it is not simple. We’re talking about a complex system that’s constantly evolving. Right now it seems that Arweave is our secret, the secret of this community of dedicated builders and enthusiasts of the Permaweb. Having more explanatory video materials like this one is vital to spreading the knowledge about Arweave. Thank you DesignBlock for doing a on-the-spot informative clip.

III. Things you won’t encounter on Arweave

This one is a little more sensitive than the usual discretionary measures taken by Web2 businesses against their own users. This is a sample of how a centralised actor can be coerced into taking action against certain users because a state demands it, disregarding its own will. We know that the issue itself is highly controversial. States are trying to punish other states for ages by denying access to certain services or/and products. It is the duty of each centralised entity to obey the rules issued by their jurisdictions. Those could be right or wrong-  doesn’t matter.  Arweave as a network does not have to obey a single authority. It can safely store data for everyone because it’s everywhere. It has nodes in Australia, in US, Europe, Russia, and China, like I said, everywhere. An entity that does not respond to anyone, in particular, a protocol that exists above the states with a single mission: to preserve data against all odds.


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