Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #44: The ‘200 shades of Arweave’ Edition

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Last week the line between the Network and Ecosystem became increasingly blurred. That has happened because projects from the Ecosystem released pieces of tech vital for the entire Network. Safeheron, in collaboration with everFinance, released a library that has all the chances to become critical in the quest of Arweave to achieve Layer 1 status. Along with this, AR.IO is testing one of the first functional ways to relate with the permaweb on the natural language.

More about these and other fresh news is awaiting you below. Would you like to know more?

I. Arweave Network

Another month has passed. A month of despair for some. Crypto companies that were considered billions in value some month ago, now are purchased for the amount raised by an average PFP drop. Charts have plummeted – but not all of them. Take a look on the Arweave data usage chart. The network is alive and thriving. It has ups and downs of course, but constantly retrieves around ten times more data than last year. There is an organic demand for the content stored on Arweave that will probably surpass all the challenges brought by the bears because this demand was never driven by the money.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

When decentralised key management becomes faster than preparing a latte

As we already told you, there are some news that deserve to be labelled as a development for the entire Network. This one is clearly from that category. Safeheron and everFinance introduced a Threshold Signature Scheme of RSA that concludes in approximately half a minute. This represents a cornerstone not only for everPay and Permaswap –  everFinance’s own projects, but for anyone who wants to implement fast and decentralised key sharding on Arweave because Safeheron made the entire library open source. If you want to dive deeper into understanding the underlying tech we recommend you read this article. Also, in the incoming days, we’ll publish an exclusive interview that will shed even more light on the subject.

ArNS calls for 200 champions

For some time it was obvious that Arweave without a permanent link solution was somehow not capable to unleash the whole power of the Permaweb. What’s the point of having permanent websites if the path to them is not easily accessible through a natural language string. Until now, if you wanted your website truly permanent you would have gotten a link like this one: Good luck remembering that. From now on, not being a human hard drive is no longer an issue. You can create a normal subdomain name like “Pierre” and every time you will access an Arweave gateway, your subdomain name will point to your permaweb page. It could be your social profile or any other type of static webpage – it could be an entire dApp, you name it. Basically, it shortens any TXid to a readable format.

Actually, there is an already functional dApp called Permapages that will help you set up a lot of different kinds of implementations, just give it a look:

Now, you have to understand that this entire implementation is in its testing phase and the 200 spots are quickly running out. So if you want to be one of the first who will pioneer the use of ArNS – jump on the above tweets, figure out how to enter in AR.IO Discord, and claim the test tokens necessary to run your own subdomain.

By the way, did you know that a similar implementation was already going on inside Decent Land’s ANS? You can check it out here.

Decent Land announced an NFT launch

Decent Land, the Arweave-native take on DAO governance, identity, and social media, published an update to both their core protocols and surrounding NFTs this week. Besides the continuation of their previous efforts, they announced the launch of an exclusive NFT collection. Forty-three “arks” will bring the first settlers to Decent Land. From those, 40 will be available to mint on Ethereum. While the utility of these ships is still to be fully discovered, we couldn’t help but ask for more details about them. Decent Land co-founder Darwin answered:

The Ark NFTs give a hint into the origins of Decent Land’s early settlers and showcase the power of Ark protocol. They will be Ethereum NFTs, so buyers have to link their Ethereum address to their Arweave address in order to claim any future Decent Land airdrops on Arweave. Ark is designed to link Arweave addresses with other chains, and part of that is because Decent Land’s protocols rely on data from chains other than Arweave.

Regarding the utility of holding an Ark NFT, what I can say is that we treat them as VIP passes – especially given the fact that they will be rather scarce. We could provide ANS domain minting passes to Ark owners as further incentives, and we’ll definitely provide holders access to test new Decent Land protocols.

Bundlr ambassador program

Ambassadors were a vital part of human society for ages. They helped to spread the culture they represented to alien spaces and they paved the way for resolving conflicts in a diplomatic manner rather than on the battlefield. The salt of the earth. Unfortunately, becoming one was quite a hassle. Bundlr made it easy. Now everyone can become an ambassador. Check exactly how and what it means to become a Bundlr ambassador by reading their medium article.

Akord releases public vaults

As you may already know, Akord is probably the most user-friendly dApp in the entire ecosystem when it comes to non-crypto users. The first product iteration focused mostly on privacy and end-to-end data encryption of the files stored on Arweave via Akord. Now they opened the gates for uploading and sharing open data too. No encryption whatsoever, just good old Arweave permanent storage for those files you want to share with the entire world. For more details, you can access our dedicated article.

Glass Protocol has a meaning

If it wasn’t already obvious that Glass Protocol is THE place for music NFTs, now it is. Timbaland, one of the most iconic producers and singers that influenced the millennial generation, stated clearly that he will work with Glass Protocol. 

The result of this encounter is the music video “Has a Meaning”. You can read the video description below or you can just directly check it out here.

Grammy Award-winning super-producer, entrepreneur, and music legend Timbaland has now lent his inimitable talent to the Metaverse with the introduction of Congo, his NFT alter ego. Under the Congo alias, Timbaland is releasing the groundbreaking music video, “Has A Meaning”, a collaboration with his protege, Zayd Portillo. Timbaland plays both lead motion capture roles featuring characters from the Bored Ape Yacht Club, all captured within Unreal Engine!

III. Things you won’t encounter on Arweave

This week ArDrive did the job of covering this section for us. Even more, they not only pointed to the problems of Web2, but also offered the solution: a full tutorial on how to conduct a permanent Instagram account backup with ArDrive. Still, you have to keep in mind that this Web3 solution won’t change your underlying problem: the discretionary power we all give to traditional social media applications. Unfortunately, it is what it is and until Web3 social platforms like Decent.Land will become fully operational, the backup solution provided by ArDrive is the way to go if you want to assure the permanence of your data from centralised platforms.


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