Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #30: “We’re #1” Edition

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This week marked the storage of another >10 million files related to the war in Ukraine, a confirmation of protocol strength, a stealth launch of a new section on Arweave News, a new mobile wallet integration, and some other events that we invite you to discover in the current report.

I. Arweave Network

Network usage revenue is booming

Arweave is the leading protocol on web3 index. The value of the permanent storage proposition is proved once again, this time by the revenue generated by the usage of the protocol on a 90 day period. A steady revenue, even in a period that some have considered as a bear market, means that the protocol itself doesn’t need a quasi-toxic hype to thrive – its fundamentals are enough.

The war in Ukraine continues; so does Arweave’s watch

At the moment of writing this piece, over 33 million files regarding the war in Ukraine were permanently preserved on the blockweave. The conflagration does not show signs that it will stop soon, neither does Arweave from its mission to store all the pieces that the internet provides.

The evidence used in the Nuremberg trials consisted, besides official third Reich documents, of several hours of footage and 25.000 photographs…still the crimes against humanity were proven. Imagine how thorough will be the trial that will conclude this war with more than 1 million potential evidence pieces collected per day of conflict.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

ArDrive introduced the easiest way to create Arweave Manifests

Probably every Arweaver is accustomed by now to the original way in which ArDrive chooses to explain its features. This week they explained with a rap rhythm how easy is to create Arweave Manifests with the help of ArDrive. On a slightly dull note:

An Arweave Manifest is a mapping of Arweave Transaction IDs and friendly names. This map is put into a standardized, JSON structure and permanently stored on Arweave, and it allows users to create logical groupings of content. Arweave Gateways can interpret this structure, so users can then reference individual transactions by their file name and/or path.

If the above definition didn’t spark your interest, just watch their clip and spot the differences., formerly Argora, launched its wallet identity protocol, “an on chain and decentralised social network hosted on arweave’s blockchain”, announced on 18th March the launch of Account.

Account is the next generation of arweave-id and Verto ID combined together.

The account protocol aim to satisfy essential needs for social interactions between users: an avatar, a unique @handle, a name and a bio. It also includes the possibility to add accounts from the well known social networks such as Twitter, Discord, Github, Instagram and Facebook.

Given the earlier launch of ANS, Arweave Name Service, by, now Arweave ecosystem has not one, but two brand new ID services.

Arweave News launches a new section

From now on we’ll not only visit projects from Arweave’s ecosystem but we’ll have the door open to receive guests! Any web3 initiative that is part of the Arweave community could be featured on AN with their own original articles, written by their own teams. There is no better way to understand a project than from its own creators’ words!

everFinance, a layer two solution that bridges $AR to other ecosystems, was our first guest with a technical piece about GoAR, an SDK they had developed for permanent data storage.

Mathwallet supports Arweave

Remember our Weekly Report #22? After 8 weeks of waiting, the announcement we noted back then materialized! Mathwallet, the multi-platform, multi-chain wallet, with dApp support, finally integrated Arweave, so now, besides Bitkeep, there is another wallet in town that will let users to connect from mobile devices with Arweave native dApps.

An improved UI awaits Kwil DB users

Kwil, the “first free to use fully decentralised web3 communication platform”, further refined its database that we covered extensively in this article, almost a month ago.

Kwil committed to releasing an updated article about its new DB user interface in the immediate future, so why not through our guest section? Yeap, that’s an open invitation.

A new threshold smashed by RSS3

RSS3, the decentralized information syndication protocol of the emerging web3, managed to pass the 100 million milestone of monthly requests.

Slowly but surely the future of media transits to the platformless media envisioned by RSS3 creators.

AR.IO is hiring

AR.IO, the project that aims to create the decentralized gateway to Arweave’s stored content is looking for new developers, in order to make this feat a reality. Let’s find them the best possible arweavers!


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