Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #26: “Old Gods” Edition 

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The Arweave ecosystem witnessed partnerships with nonfungible tokens or NFTs and other blockchains. With Russia invading Ukraine, Arweave is poised to archive every event and action for future use and so that no one tampers with history. Plus, Arweave News gets a 3D NFT gift. Here is a roundup of happenings in the Arweave space this week: 

I. Arweave Network

Over five million Russia-Ukraine artifacts are archived on Arweave

There are now over five million contents on the Russia-Ukraine war archived on Arweave’s permaweb. The effort was launched a week ago when Arweave’s founder, Sam Williams, announced a $100,000 grant. The contents, including videos, pictures and web links will be stored for 200 years and could potentially be used  for research and investigation purposes as the crisis degenerates into a full scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Projects in the Arweave ecosystem, including Bundlr, contributed to help make the archiving project a reality

II. Arweave Ecosystem

everPay’s NFT auction live, featuring artworks by Arweave News’ PierreSteinClaysky

The week ended with Ever Finance’s third NFT auction going live. Of the 1,346 people entered that competed for an opportunity to be added to a white list, only 20 were shortlisted. 

Being on the shortlist allows a bidder access to the auction 30 minutes before others.

Clay artist, PierreSteinClaysky, who is also a writer for Arweave News, featured in the auction with nine pieces. Ever Finance features the works of one artist in the auction every month.

“It is the final stage of a personal project that lasted for almost 6 months. NFTs, combined with Arweave storage, give resilience to the pottery pieces I’ve created from the physical space to the digital one,” PierreSteinClaysky said.

We now own NFTs!

In addition to a collection of contents that promote the Arweave ecosystem and help audiences make sense of emerging technologies, Arweave News now has 3D NFT pieces of its own, gifted by PierreSteinClaysky.

“A certain piece from the #OldGodsRemastered collection won’t be put through @FinanceEver’s  auction. This is a gift for @ArweaveNews. A team like no other. Thank you guys for bearing me so far,” PierreSteinClaysky wrote.

Handshake between Arweave and NFTs

During the week, there was a partnership agreement between the Arweave ecosystem and the nonfungible token or NFTs space. This time, it’s between Meson Network, a bandwidth market place and ‘Show me’, a subscription NFT social network built on Web3. The emergence of Meson Network gives ShowMe more choices in carrying more content formats, Meson Network said.

Also in the NFT space, Mintbase, an NFT marketplace that built its database on Arweave, deployed its 1000th smart contract and to celebrate, it put to use its ‘transfer store ownership feature’.

Polygon x Bundlr x Arweave Hackaton

A contest for developers across the world to build projects with applications that would use the Arweave and Polygon chains was opened during the week. The hackathon creates an opportunity to expand the Arweave and Polygon ecosystems. Winners will be announced on March 11.

New tool, new token: Bundlr has been busy

The Bundlr team has built an archiving tool that will allow permanent storage of content from Twitter to Arweave using the Bundlr network. In partnership with Arweave, Bundlr has announced a 10,000 USDC grant for developers who can integrate the tool with VK, Russia’s biggest social media platform.

 “Would surely increase Bundlr TX flow, as well as help make Arweave a more complete archive of the issues people care about,” Williams wrote in a tweet referring to the tool.

Data upload to Arweave via Bundlr can now be paid for with Boba token. That’s another way to make accessing the permaweb easy for all.

Spheron celebrates its scorecard

Fifty days into 2022 and Spheron, an Arweave-based application hosting tool which allows developers link Github repository to a custom domain and have the application built and deployed to the permaweb, is already counting its achievements. Its users have grown 10 percent and projects increased by 29 percent.

Redstone takes data accessibility to Celo

Taking with it over 1,000 price feeds data for crypto and real-world assets, Redstone Finance has partnered with Celo blockchain. This comes two months after Redstone participated in the DeFi for the People Hackathon and won the Interoperability Track.  The partnership, according to Marcin Karmierczak, Head of Growth at RedStone, aims “to onboard users who haven’t yet interacted with crypto, like citizens of developing countries and socially excluded communities.”  

 A smoother UX for CommunityXYZ

If you have ever felt frustrated with using CommunityXYZ – a dashboard and governance platform for all of the Profit Sharing Communities that are built on the permaweb – that should now change, according to an announcement by Textury. A caching mechanism has been added which makes the loading of community pages far faster.

Koii offers $1m USD in grants

A $1million grant will be distributed to developers who can build projects in three categories, including communication tools, financial applications and innovative on-boarding methods, for the Koii network.


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