Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #22: “Ever Onwards” Edition

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From a market perspective, this was a bloody week. However, at the core of the ecosystem, it was perceived just like any other week spent building web3. The upcoming Chinese New Year was marked by a themed NFT auction, and overall the projects building on top of Arweave are still in need of labor; opportunities to get involved are everywhere.

While the world burns, Arweave marches ever onwards.

I. Arweave Network

Arweave maintains a steady trend of around 1 million daily transactions

The peak was recorded on Monday, with 1.024.513 transactions. This represents a consolidation of the trend that basically splits the activity on the protocol into two different epochs: before September 2021 and after. The current “epoch” is characterized by 10x more daily transactions than before and it is clearly visible if we zoom out and do not take into consideration the peaks:

We only wonder how the next leg up will look on this chart, which will be fueled by the next generation of SmartWeave contracts.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

everPay continues its series of NFT auctions started this year

The second NFT auction held by everPay is still taking place at the moment of writing this piece. The mechanics are pretty much the same as they were in the first auction, bridging Arweave and Ethereum and letting users bid in AR or wAR.

The crucial change that was introduced was the partnership with BitKeep, the single mobile wallet that supports AR at the moment and it consists in offering further benefits for the user that are connecting to the auction via a BitKeep Wallet. The theme of the NFTs is the tiger, given the fact that we will enter in no time in the year of the tiger, according to the Chinese calendar.

Right now, TIGER#9 has the highest bid at 125.63 AR; with around 11 hours until the finish, it is expected that this auction will surpass in the term of AR spent the previous one.

RedStone’s SmartWeave Scanner develops further

After the integration with ArCode Studio (a tool that allows users to explore, deploy and interact with SmartWeave contracts) that took place earlier this year, RedStone unleashes the full power of this tool by allowing users to log into the scanner with ArConnect or Finnie. While connected, a user can deploy a new smart contract or write new interactions to older SmartWeaves.

Bundlr continues to conquer new territories

Bundlr, the powerhouse when it comes to introducing Arweave permanent storage to other chains, is taking into consideration to spread its reach to NEAR ecosystem:

Still, the news of the week when it comes to Bundlr comes from their Discord server. Apparently, they will raise the already generous limit of 2 GB/file. We can safely assume that this will be translated on spot in a rise of data stored on Arweave.

ArPending adds a new feature

ArPending, a tool from Ownbase that allows users to check after the status of a certain transaction on Arweave, deployed a feature that allows circumventing the use of its UI to look for a tx. Now anybody can concatenate the transaction ID with ArPending URL and get the status directly.

Arweave is on Kleoverse

Kleoverse is a DAO discovery platform, aiming to aggregate all the decentralized projects of web3 and make them easier to be reached by crypto enthusiasts. Given the spirit of Arweave ecosystem, its presence on such a platform was foreseeable.

MathWallet5 will include support for Arweave

Math wallet is a multi-platform, multi-chain wallet, with dApp support, that has over 100k downloads on Google Play alone. Its new iteration, MathWallet5 will include Arweave too, spreading the reach of Permaweb even further. When the integration will be complete arweavers will have two mobile options for connecting with, BitKeep and MathWallet5.

AR is listed on XT.COM

On 26 January XT.COM started the deposit and trading of AR. With a daily volume of near $700m, and over 300.000 monthly active users, XT.COM could represent a gateway for onboarding new adopters of Arweave’s coin. On 27 January, the second day of trading the AR volume traded on this exchange was already at over 24k.

Wen Grayscale?

Seemingly, traditional finance will get acquaintance with AR too. On 25 January Grayscale, a pioneer when it comes to creating investment products for digital currencies updated its list of “digital assets under consideration” and among others included AR. According to Grayscale, this means that they are researching the possibility of including those assets in their list of products:

“Assets Under Consideration” lists some digital assets that are not currently included in a Grayscale investment product, but that have come to our attention as part of our exploration of this sector, and that our team has identified as possible candidates for inclusion in a future investment product.

Job opportunities in the ecosystem

Bundlr, is still looking for Rust/C/C++/GO developers. They are even offering a bounty for everyone who could recommend a dev with at least 2 years of experience that would eventually fill that position for at least 6 months. I’m baffled. One of the coolest projects in the entire ecosystem and they are still trying to fill those positions? Please do your web2 dev friend a favor and get them a dream job.

They are also looking for a community manager; check their open positions here.

Akord team, another well-known member of the ecosystem is looking for a community manager too. Here the requirement is to be based in Europe.


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