Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #16: “Demo Day Mania” Edition

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The 16th issue of the Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report marks the close of Open Web Foundry #5. Dozens of founders attended talks and showcases amid the autumn edition of Arweave’s ecosystem accelerator. Last night, 10 chosen projects pitched high-profile investors at Demo Day to be in with the chance to quit their jobs and start their own web3 company with funding from Arweave and industry VCs.

While we wait to see what this fresh crop of permaweb dapps will evolve into, let’s look at the key news from Arweave core and extended ecosystem.

I. Arweave Network

Over 50,000,000 bundled transactions

Following last week’s news of Bundlr Network’s Polygon integration, which allows apps to fund their end user’s storage costs with MATIC, the number of bundled transactions has surpassed 50 million. These transactions are part of over 183,000 bundles with an average tx-per-bundle count of 274. Track the stats for yourself at

Open Web Foundry #5 draws to a close with Demo Day

Yesterday, 10 Arweave-based projects pitched to a maximum-capacity Gather room for the final stage of this season’s Open Web Foundry.

Those who couldn’t attend in person could catch a live stream in the Verto Discord. If you missed that too, don’t worry – the OWF team will be uploading each demo to YouTube in the coming days.

Read about all of the showcased projects here.

Almost 1,000 years of Arweave storage is paid for ahead of time

The Arweave storage endowment is a balance of AR that acts as a safety buffer to pay for storage in perpetuity, dripped out to miners automatically. With the current weave size of 30TB and $1.67m in the endowment, this buys almost 1,000 years of storage in advance.Data on the declining cost of storage, however, points to an eventuality where this length of time is far longer in reality, as the cost of disk space gets cheaper.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

Glass auctions music videos from Hass Irv and Kasbeel

Auctions closed over the last week on two new Glass NFT music videos. Harlem rapper Hass Irv’s Red Rum sold yesterday for 0.37 ETH (~$1,600). Kasbeel’s Yo Soy Dios – the permaweb’s first Latin American NFT music video – sold a few days earlier for 1.47 ETH (~$6,700). Both videos are available for anyone to watch on Glass – and stored forever on Arweave.

ETH/WAR pool set to go live on Uniswap V3

everFinance is testing a new wrapped Arweave (WAR) liquidity mining program through Uniswap. The pool is expected to go live in the next week, and enable liquidity for the Arweave/Ethereum bridge which opens AR up to a wider defi ecosystem.

ArDrive announces NFT merch drop

ArDrive is giving away NFTs which can be redeemed for ArDrive t-shirts in a campaign they’re calling #NFTshirts. Information on how to win the ArDrive-branded, laser-eyed gorilla-featuring garment will be shared on today’s ArCast.

DeChat shares new previews ahead of January/February beta

The DeChat team has announced that the Arweave-based social media app will be ready for beta testing early 2022. Mobile screenshot previews are shared below:

everFinance publishes documentation for parallel Arweave tx syncing

everFinance’s Arsyncer is a Go library that fetches data from Arweave concurrently, making it faster to pull transactions from a block or query than conventional means. This week, the team published details on the library’s architecture on Medium:

Kevin Abosch displays Arweave-stored Solar Concordance at Art Basel

Artist Kevin Abosch showcased the Arweave-stored Solar Concordance at Art Basel Miami this week. Both this project and the related Sun Signals have an emphasis on energy efficiency: Solar Concordance is minted on Tezos, and the Sun Signals art was generated by solar-powered computers.

ArGo rebrands to Spheron; hits 7,000 total deployments

ArGo is now known as Spheron after a name and logo change – the team cited regular confusion with ArgoBlockchain as the reason behind the move. The app has deployed a total of 7,000 projects to the permaweb, up 50% in the last month.

SevenX Ventures appear for live Arweavers AMA

Eraser Li was the most recent guest in the Arweavers AMA series, appearing live in the Arweavers Telegram channel to talk about Arweave from an investment perspective as the founder of SevenX Ventures.

30 AR bounty for an Arweave push notification system

Verto exchange founder Tate Berenbaum’s bounty for a profit-sharing token (PST) fee push notification tool has been bolstered by Will Leas, Rob Chan and Sam Williams this week and is now sitting at 30 AR (~$1,800) total. The tool would need to listen to a target’s wallet activity and send a notification when the wallet gets paid in a PST.

Permaweb Pioneers features MyMail’s DMac

MyMail founder DMac appeared on the Permaweb Pioneers podcast this week to chat with Only Arweave about self-sovereign email and how Arweave can help users escape the centralization of control that has slowly built up around email since the rise of webmail clients in the early 2000s.

“What if email was something you bought from a protocol which had no interest in your personal information?”

MyMail was a demo day entrant at the previous Open Web Foundry.

ArDrive adds support for deploying web apps

The ArDrive CLI makes it possible upload a build folder of a React app as a public drive and deploy it – along with a manifest file – to Arweave, where it’ll be hosted forever. Now, ArDrive is a great home for both your files and your apps.



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