Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #9: “Wen Ledger” Edition

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This week rounds up with a new Open Web Foundry kicking off with $100,000 in total investment opportunities. On top of that in the wider ecosystem, Verto releases arlocal-utils to help test SmartWeave contracts with arlocal, Redstone releases a tutorial for SmartWeave migration, and SolSea announces Arweave support. 

In other news – wen Ledger? We’re pleased to tell you: “Ledger soon”. Development is underway for a direct integration between Ledger and Arweave, and there’s even an early proof-of-concept.

Let’s look at the rest of the exciting news from this week:

I. Arweave Network

A new Open Web Foundry is kicking off

The fifth OWF is starting this week – Friday, October 15th. Open Web Foundry is a six week event that guides founders through the process of launching a startup on Arweave. It’s a great chance for founders to learn how to develop on Arweave and meet others to network with in the ecosystem. At the end of the six weeks everyone gets to demo their product and the best gets funded by Arweave. 

Arweave Wallet Connector and Ledger integration webapp underway

A WIP Arweave Wallet from ecosystem developer JF is able to be demoed here with a UI indicating Ledger support – the in-progress Ledger integration will bring Arweave to hardware wallets for the first time.

Arweave’s bundle-dissector tool in progress

The Arweave team GitHub is apparently working on a tool to analyze and unbundle ANS-104 transactions (bundles). The in-progress project is written in Rust and Go, and can be found here.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

RedStone’s innovative Smart Contract SDK V2

RedStone has made a Migration guide to RedStone Contracts, as SmartWeave SDK V1 is slower on big contracts and contracts that interact with other contracts. To solve that they have made a new version of SmarWeave SDK that leverages caching to improve performance and uses modular architecture to allow adjusting the SDK. To learn how to use the new version watch the super easy-to-digest video in the tweet. 

SolSea’s upgraded Minting is out, with an Arweave integration

This week, SolSea announced a fully-fledged integration with Arweave, SolSea is Solana’s answer to OpenSea – an NFT marketplace based on Solana. The platform migrated to bundles to make it faster and more reliable to store assets.

Verto releases arlocal-utils

Verto’s back end developer Marton Lederer has released arlocal-utils to help test SmartWeave contracts with arlocal. The library “enables developers to easily copy transactions and contracts from any Arweave gateway to an ArLocal testing gateway.”


Listen to the Arweavers AMA with Sarcophagus

Arweaver Rob held a discussion this week with Jonny and Zach from Sarcophagus, a decentralized dead man’s switch built on Arweave and Ethereum. The team spoke about the tool’s current use cases and future vision of enabling any API to interact. Listen to to the recording to find out the team’s exciting plans.

Arweave Name Service documentation released by

In preparation for the full launch of ANS (Arweave Name Service), the team has published documentation including a spec, overview of the incentive design, and minting tutorial.

Excited to mint your universal identifier? Check the guide to CLI interactions.

Nifty Pixels uses Arweave for storage

Nifty Pixels, a pixel art drawing tool, launches on Arweave. Nifty Pixels lets you draw pixel art which you can then mint as an NFT and sell it in their marketplace. You can also browse and buy other art pieces here.


everPay rolls out new UI

everFinance has made a separate website for everPay and made some cool updates to it. The features area now includes real-time transfers, free transfers, multi-chain connectivity, and smart accounts. It is generally more easy to use and is visually more explanatory. 


ArDrive publishes archiving tutorial

ArDrive published a video this week, explaining how to archive a webpage in 3 simple clicks. While it doesn’t archive images, it includes the links which can be clicked and if the link location still exists, direct you to the page. It also shows the easy sharing mechanism and how to organize your files by folders. Check out the full guide here


Glass announce bounties in Discord

Arweave-based video streaming platform Glass announced its bounty program in Discord to incentivize marketing and community building. Beyond USDC payment, contributors have the opportunity set the next round of bounties, too. Join the Glass Discord to take part


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