Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #6: “I’m BOOONDLING” Edition

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It’s barely been three months since the standard for ANS-104 (bundled transactions) was committed to GitHub, and around three weeks since a stable library for bundles was released. But, once again, so much of the big network and ecosystem news this week comes from platforms adopting and breaking records with this new way to reliably commit massive amounts of data to the permaweb in a single transaction.

In Arweave land right now, it’s the age of the boondler.

I. Arweave Network

Weave size spikes – 11.5% of all data ever uploaded to the network was uploaded this week.

While 4.7% of total Arweave data was uploaded the week before last, this week the weave size grew at over double the pace: from 11.6 to 12.9 terabytes; an increase of 11.5% to the total.

Bundled transactions hit 4.5M in September

Bundles alone overtook the total number of Arweave transactions in August by almost 3x. A large chunk of this can be attributed to Metaplex’s candy machine tool – more on that later.

47GB of data sent in one bundled block

Arweave bundled transactions are enabling gargantuan chunks of data to be sent through in a single block. Last week, we found a bundled block carrying over 13GB of data, but the record has since been broken by block 772863.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

Mintbase upgrades to bundled transactions, improves reliability

After the volume of transactions being submitted to the Mintbase platform caused performance issues, the team quickly implemented bundles as a way to guarantee every minted NFT will be mined and stored properly.

Glass improves video streaming performance with bundles

Decentralized video hosting platform switched to bundles this week to enable adaptive streaming (Netflix style).

Over 10,000 Metaplex Candy Machines deployed – 8,000 added in one week

Metaplex’s candy machine tool enables batch uploads of NFTs to Solana, backing up the assets and metadata on Arweave. It is used by several of the top NFT projects on Solana and is one of the key drivers of the recent network all-time highs.

The method to count candy machines is described here.

ArGo launches $ARGO tokens and HNS integration

The launch of ArGo’s new native token allows developers to pay for ArGo deployements in $ARGO, which is being given away as a reward to newly deployed applications. ARGO tokens can be staked to earn yield or spent for deployments.

In partnership with HNS, ArGo is also giving away 10 HNS domains to the first 10 apps, and argoapplive.hns-branded subdomains to every participant. Each participant also will get 100 $ARGO to either stake or spend.

Sarcophagus announces the improvements they made in September

Decentralized dead man’s switch Sarcophagus recently published their September update, detailing what has been done by the team to make the platform better. This month, there’s a particular focus on UX, but also an outline of longer term plans.

ArConnect hits over 4,000 users

The Arweave ecosystem’s answer to Metamask – ArConnect – has reached the milestone of 4,000 users. Using ArConnect, users can seamlessly log in to Arweave dApps without exposing their keyfile. It’s also possible to transfer AR between addresses, view PST balances, and check collectibles.

Akord reveals roadmap of upcoming products

Digital heritage platform Akord revealed several upcoming features including Facebook photos migration, a gallery tool, a dead man’s switch, and a blockchain explorer for Akord.

ArDrive extends rewards program

ArDrive’s user reward program, Dust, which distributes small amounts of ArDrive token to users based on volume of data uploaded, will be extended past the previously set deadline. See the link for the daily upload reward statistics in the below tweet:

Kevin Abosch uploads first atomic NFT to Koii

Keven Abosch, creator of 1111, 888, COMMENT OUT, and other Arweave-stored NFT projects, has minted his first atomic NFT. Read more about the atomic NFT standard here.

Pranksy backs up NFTBoxes on Arweave

Pranksy’s monthly NFT loot box project, NFTBoxes, will now be stored on Arweave. Each box contains ~10 NFTs around a curated theme.


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