Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #5: Bundle Flippening Edition

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Bundles have broken all kinds of records this week, and ecosystem adoption is healthier than ever. Combine this with a new crop of a permaweb founders graduating from the Open Web Foundry, and we’re already looking at an incredibly exciting month for the network and everyone involved.

With many-a flippening behind us and even more to come, let’s dive into the top news for the week.

I. Arweave Network

Weekly transaction all-time high: 86% higher than previous record

It’s practically every week that we’re sharing a new ATH from the ViewBlock charts, and with the wider adoption of bundled transactions, this time it’s a +86% week-over-week spike in volume.

On top of that data usage increased 280%, from 140 to 530GB.

Bundled transactions overtake unbundled by 4x

Adoption of Arweave’s ANS-104 bundled transactions has been swift and successful. Less than a week after general release, bundled transactions have overtaken the unbundled all-time high by 4x.

Learn more about bundles here.

Arweave revenue from dApps up 2000%

Arweave blew Filecoin out of the water again this week with another catastrophic flippening. With a total of $121k in AR spent on Arweave dApps, Arweave usage saw a 2000%+ increase this month compared to a 30% increase in spending on the Filecoin network. See live stats here.

Monstrous 14GB block spotted in the wild

Thanks to bundled Arweave transactions, the amount of data being processed in a single block has been sent to crazy new heights. One user found a 14GB block using the SCAR block explorer.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

OWF Demo Day showcased Akord, MyMail, Rosetta, and more

The fourth Open Web Foundry came to a close this week with 10 chosen projects presenting at Demo Day. Keep tabs on these finalists – they’re shaping the future of the permaweb and bringing powerful new use cases to light.

ArConnect releases fee multiplier + support for collectibles

Verto’s foray into NFTs with the recent launch of Verto Spaces has brought Arweave NFTs into the ArConnect extension, too.

We’ve also seen voluntary fee multiplication. Similar to choosing fast gas on the Ethereum network, opting to increase the node’s rewards can get transactions mined faster.

ViewBlock launches support for ANS-104 bundles

ViewBlock has pushed a UI update this week which shows bundles and all of their transactions in a simple way. Each transaction inside a bundle also now counts towards the totals on the main chart, showing the true volume of transactions.

SCAR block explorer released

An alternative block explorer for Arweave, SCAR, has been released this week. It appears to have a more accurate node count than ViewBlock, stating that the Arweave network has over 1,000 nodes vs. ViewBlock’s 150.

everPay launches USDT/AR swap DEX

The company behind wAR, everFinance, has just released a DEX that allows swaps between AR and USDT. The DEX is real-time, has no gas fees, and is immune to MEV. Read more in the team’s Medium announcement.

For developers, everPay has also published an SDK – everpay-js – to allow others to build DEXs that support AR.

ArGo back online after GoDaddy takedown

ArGo, a deployment solution for Arweave, is now operational at a new URL  –

Over 1,800 Metaplex candy machines deployed

Metaplex’s candy machine tool enables batch uploads of NFTs to Solana, backing up the assets and metadata on Arweave. It is used by several of the top NFT projects on Solana. Learn more here.

At the time of writing, hundreds more candy machines are live. Verify the total yourself with the instructions here.

Akord offers 1000GB of storage to early adopters

Akord – a ‘social vault’ on top of Arweave – announced a huge promotion for its first 1,000 users in what amounts to over $25,000 total of permanent storage being offered.


Pianity forges partnership with Groover Obsessions

Music NFT platform Pianity announced a partnership with Groover Obsessions this week – a music accelerator promoting the best artists from the Groover platform. Four artists have been accepted for the Pianity partnership, and each will have 10 copies of one track sold as an NFT for a fixed price of 30 EUR.

III. Save the date

Sam Williams to speak at Mainnet, NY

Sam Williams will be representing Arweave at the annual Mainnet summit on September 20th as part of an event which attracts “crypto leaders, operators, builders, and investors” to collaborate and share knowledge.

Al Morris, Sam Williams, Kevin Abosch speaking at Sanctor Turbo Demo Day

Demo day is the culmination of Sanctor Capital’s six-week Turbo incubator program. Leaders from all corners of the crypto space are invited to appear on panels and showcase their products, offering a glimpse into the future of web3.


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