Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #35: The ‘Seal of Permanence’ Edition

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How would you know whether content or an application is saved on the permaweb? You don’t by default, but guess what – Arweave has some good news for ecosystem awareness.

This week, the team released a seal that lets people know if the content is stored on the permaweb or not. Also, cross-chain collaboration was announced that will further broaden the reach of $AR and PSTs, and shared fascinating updates. Here are some exciting happenings in the ecosystem this week:

I. Arweave Network

The seal of permanence

Arweave announced the seal of permanence, a symbol that allows developers to show users of their applications that data is securely stored on the permaweb. For developers, this won’t just be a cool badge; it assures users of their capacity. And for users, it gives them the confidence that nothing jeopardizes their data.

Shanghai archive

After successfully building tools that directly archive news articles and Twitter content on the Arweave, developers are now asked to create the same for Weibo, China’s version of Twitter. And there is a $10,000 grant raised by an anonymous group to motivate developers willing to take on the task, Sam Williams, Arweave founder, announced.

The initiative was triggered by a video reportedly presenting a compilation of voices of residents of Shanghai complaining about the hardships they have to go through due to the Covid-19 lockdown. While the video was reported to be censored by the Chinese authorities, ArDrive saw a 40 times increase in traffic to its platform following the video being archived on Arweave’s permaweb.

AR price sees turbulence in line with overall market volatility

The week began with the Arweave token opening at $30.31 and continued to shed price throughout the week, hitting a low of $24.99 by midweek, according to data by RedStone. The price recovered from the fall to rise to $27.06 and closed in the negative at about 11.70 percent as of writing.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

Arweave’s cross-chain handshake

The Arweave ecosystem is now linked with yet another public chain. The integration between everPay, a payment protocol on Arweave, and Moonbeam, a Polkadot smart contract platform, will see assets flowing into the Arweave ecosystem. Arweave assets, including AR and PSTs (Profit Sharing Tokens), can get liquidity with DeFi apps on Moonbeam.

KwilDB’s user base is growing

According to its founder, Brennan Lamey, Ninety-seven data sets have been created on KwilDB, a tool that helps developers build apps on the Permaweb. This is an indication of its growing user base. Lamey’s comment prompted a reply from Arweave’s founder, Sam Williams, who cited the example of Arweave in its early days, noting it was hard to get first users when projects were newly launched.

Lightning speed app is coming to Spheron

Spheron is set to reduce upload time to Arweave from four minutes to 20 seconds. The lightning speed upgrade will be released in the Aqua version of its app. Its new web app will come with redesigned user interface, easier navigation and integrations with both Gitlab and Bitbucket.

Spheron is also partnering with Koi Network, a protocol that seeks to make the internet more open and transparent, for their proprietary tool, including Koii-X templates that makes building decentralized applications easier.

As Spheron grows, it is also keeping track of its development, and the figures are impressive:

  • 3,000 users
  • Nine percent growth in total project count
  • Five percent in deployment count releases update that hints at the protocol’s future

It’s a beehive of activities at Decent. Land this week as it continues implementing new product development strategies, a blog post by the company shows. It appointed an Art Director, Lee Tyrrell, to work on the specifications for’s collection of ancient land NFTs. Other developments touch on the Arweave Name Service and smart contract upgrade for improved performance.


IV. Jobs in the ecosystem


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