Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #29: The Arweave Name Service edition

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Members of the Arweave community were rewarded with name service domains which were launched during the week. From Ukraine war content, preservation on the permaweb exceeded 24 million, and Arweave has shown how it can be used as a force for good by helping to preserve the history of the most persecuted ethnic minority in the world.

Here are the top developments in the ecosystem:

I. Arweave Network

ANS domains airdropped to the Arweave community

Arweave name service domains were airdropped to 513 community members by Web3 social protocol Users of Verto ID and alpha testers of the original protocol are among those eligible for airdrop. 

The team is working to ensure ANS domains are displayed on Verto Exchange and ViewBlock instead of wallet addresses. Incentive mechanisms for people to earn passive income for holding ANS domain will be available in the mainnet, the team said.

$15,000 to be won in Bundlr, Boba and Arweave hackathon

A month after Bundlr added Boba token as a means of payment for people uploading data on Arweave’s decentralised storage, the duo and Arweave announced a hackathon worth $15,000 WAGMI token. The goal is to create an open-source solution that allows users on Boba to easily deploy and engage with Arweave via Bundlr, using BOBA tokens. It must be an open-source solution. The hackathon which will begin on March 30 requires that all projects be submitted on April 12. Winners will be announced on April 13.

Build a permaweb app, get $100,000 investment

Developers and engineers with permaweb ideas can now build on Arweave with $100,000 investment support. The developer gets cash support at every stage from building the app  and pitching the idea to raising external funding.


Over 24 million Russia-Ukraine pieces of war content archived on Arweave

As the war rages in Ukraine with devastating impact, more documents are preserved. There are over 24million pieces of content including text, video and pictures stored permanently. 

II. Arweave Ecosystem

Rohingya Archive on Arweave gives scorecard

After a year of testing its structure, the Rohingya archive or R-archive has emerged from its pilot stage and is set to scale in coming months. Rohingya in Myanmar are victims of ethnic cleansing, genocide and regarded as the most persecuted minority ethnic group in the world by the United Nations. Many have fled in the aftermath of years of  violent crackdown. The R-archive aims to collect and preserve in digital formats documents, pictures and videos that prove that Rohingya have lived in Myanmar for centuries.

RSS3 airdrops tokens to early adopters

RSS3, an open information syndication protocol that aims to support efficient and decentralized information distribution in Web3 announced an incentive airdrop for the community it says would continue for seven days. 

Decentralised blogging on Arweave

Asteroid, a decentralized content management system (dCMS) on Asta network with an option for contents to be stored on Arweave.


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