Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #18: “The Most Robust” Edition

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Arweave along with top ecosystem dApps appeared this week in the Messari 2022 Theses along with a note that decentralized storage is the most robust component of web3. To prove it, the permaweb has been bombarded with a record number of bundled transactions, a whole new blockchain’s worth of data, and the assets for a new NFT gaming platform…

Let’s dive into the ecosystem news for the week.

I. Arweave Network

Messari mentions Arweave in 2022 Theses

“Of the various components in the Web3 hardware stack, decentralized storage is arguably the most robust”, writes Ryan Selkis in the Messari 2022 Theses.

The report recognizes Arweave as the key player in long-term blockchain storage in contrast to the short-term services offered by IPFS and Sia. It also references Koii and KYVE as Arweave-based applications that can enhance the utility of Arweave for other chains and protocols.

Read the report here.

Bundlr hits a new daily all-time-high

Bundlr Network, Arweave’s L2 scaling solution, has taken off since launch and far surpassed the daily volume of the Arweave base layer. To date, Bundlr has saved almost 62.5 million files to the permaweb – over 12 million since we last reported at the start of December. Today alone, Bundlr saved over 2 million files – 50x more than Arweave’s activity a year ago.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

KYVE starts archiving the Aurora blockchain

Following last week’s announcement of a NEAR pool, KYVE has now started staked archiving for Aurora. Aurora is “a product that helps Ethereum users and dApps to easily move to the NEAR blockchain”. The protocol is implemented as a smart contract on NEAR, and uses ETH for gas fees while offering a much cheaper rate. KYVE now archives across 9 pools including Avalanche, Solana, Celo and Moonriver.

everFinance’s WAR farm on Uniswap breaks $2m total value locked

everFinance kicked off WAR liquidity mining in the big leagues last week, offering a WAR/ETH farm on Uniswap V3. Marking a 10x increase in 5 days, the farm now holds $2 million worth of the WAR/ETH token and offers an APY of 30% at the time of writing.

ArDrive hosts assets for the EtherDash NFT gaming platform

EtherDash is an Ethereum-powered rocket building NFT game with over 100 ETH in prizes. Players compete to collect parts and upgrades for their rockets; the first 3 to build a complete rocket split a portion of the minting fees from other players. The game’s assets are all stored on Arweave via ArDrive.

Koii founder Al Morris talks at Dcentral Con Miami

Al Morris talks in a panel on “Why DeFi” about the history of DeFi and Koii’s Layer-N network, which bridges assets and liquidity between chains.

Verto integrates Ramp to enable on-site AR purchases with credit card

Earlier this year, ArDrive partnered with Ramp to build AR token functionality into the fiat on-ramp, making it easy for users to get the tokens they need to store data. Now, Verto has added an integration with Ramp to make the process easier for users of the Arweave-based DEX. Read more here.

KYVE’s John Letey guests on Permaweb Pioneers

KYVE co-founder John Letey gives a fascinating history of his involvement with Arweave and the birth of KYVE in the latest episode of Only Arweave’s podcast, Permaweb Pioneers. He also discusses the potential for archiving Ethereum’s historical data as part of EIP-4444.

Akord offers a discount on 10GB+ storage

In an effort to provide storage at an even cheaper rate than Arweave, Akord is subsidizing part of the upload costs, giving a discount ranging from 10-30%.

Ecosystem dev David Whittington to stream SmartWeave development

Prolific Arweave dev streamer David Whittington will stream again today, this time walking through the development of Strongpool’s SmartWeave contract. Strongpool is a profit-sharing community/mining pool hybrid on Arweave with the goal of strengthening the Arweave ecosystem and proving the viability of a mining PSC. Support David on Patreon here.

Sarcophagus takes a vote on where to bridge SARCO liquidity

Last week we covered Sarcophagus’ plans to take the SARCO token cross-chain. This week, the DAO is voting on which network’s SARCO liquidity to incentivize first. The poll is taking place both on Twitter and in the Sarcophagus Discord – and different networks are in the lead depending on the platform.

ArDrive publishes a wallet tutorial for new Arweave users

In making the transition from web2, one of the most alien concepts is a wallet. ArDrive has created an easy-to-follow video tutorial to help ease new users into the ecosystem.

Streamr integrates with RedStone

Streamr, a real-time data availability service, will act as the “ephemeral data transport layer that propagates real world data through the RedStone Finance oracle platform” in a new integration announced this week. The RedStone team state that Streamr will help them on their mission to provide decentralized and reliable data for the DeFi ecosystme.

ASAP Twelvyy and Marc E. Bassy auction music videos on Glass

Glass never fails to bring world class artists to the permaweb. This week, the platinum award winning Marc E. Bassy auctioned the music video for Trouble for 2.1 ETH, and ASAP Mob member ASAP Twelvyy saw a 0.4 ETH sale for New Amerika. As always, both videos are available for free in high quality on

everFinance plans to mirror shuttered Chinese crypto news site to Arweave

Following China’s pledge to crack down on crypto media in September of this year, ChainNews closed its doors recently with no statement from its founders. As one of the top crypto media sites in China, everFinance plans to upload the salvaged archive at to Arweave and preserve it indefinitely.

MyMail goes into open alpha

Self-sovereign email is coming to Arweave. MyMail will bring web2 email into Arweave and make it easy to run your own permanent mail server. For now, an alpha weavemail client – which allows users to send messages to Arweave addresses – is live and ready to test. More info in our coverage below:


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