Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #17: “Declaring WAR on Uniswap” Edition

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The Arweave ecosystem is building more utility for dApps and the AR token every week. The recent launch of a WAR/ETH liquidity mining pool on Uniswap brings the whole Ethereum ecosystem within reach of the AR token, and offers a way to passively earn from holding AR. The new BitKeep mobile wallet brings every Arweave dApp cross-platform.

These building blocks bring new utility for Arweave users, just as the ecosystem blossoms with new projects, integrations and use cases. In this report, we take a look at everything that’s happening on the permaweb, and how it’s forming bonds outside of its usual realm.

I. Arweave Network

everFinance launches WAR/ETH liquidity mining on Uniswap

The tireless everFinance team has been hard at work on bringing liquidity to the Ethereum-based Arweave token, WAR (wrapped AR). This week, a WAR/ETH liquidity mining pool went live on Uniswap V3 with a current APY of 144%. On top of this, the top LPs of the month will win an exclusive everFinance NFT featuring the Arweave elephant mascot, Winston.

An audio tutorial can be heard here on permacast.

BitKeep unlocks mobile support for Arweave dApps

Any Arweave dApp that uses the ArConnect or Finnie standard for login is now supported via BitKeep’s mobile wallet and browser. Download BitKeep, fund your new Arweave wallet with AR, then use the dApps section of the app as a browser to log into apps like,, and! Initial user experiences point to this being much faster than the wallet-connected mobile browsers offered by other apps like Metamask.

Open Web Foundry posts full Demo Day recording

You can now watch every OWF5 finalist’s demo day pitch in one video. Featuring all of the projects we covered in this announcement.

II. Arweave Ecosystem

KYVE adds a pool to archive the NEAR blockchain

KYVE, the PoS network for archiving any stream of data, has added NEAR to its lists of pools alongside Solana, Moonriver, Celo, Avalanche and more. KYVE is turning Arweave into a global layer 0, acting as storage for chains that choose not to burden nodes with terabytes of historical data – will Ethereum be next?

Pianity hits $1,000,000 in NFT sales in one week

Pianity, the NFT marketplace for music, has seen rapid growth lately with over 5,000 sales in one week. Totaling over $1,000,000, this means around $600,000 worth of Pianity’s governance token, $PIA, was airdropped to users as part of the 60% cashback promotion being offered.

Verto hints at potential Ledger hardware wallet support

In the “Wen Ledger” edition of the Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report from the middle of October, we previewed a new Arweave wallet,, and its beta Ledger support. Now, the ArConnect web wallet which integrates with every major ecosystem app, is adding support too, meaning dApp interactions may soon be compatible with the Ledger hardware wallet.

everFinance publishes a design document for an Arweave seeding server

everFinance is developing a sort of layer 2 on top of existing Arweave gateways to solve some reported long-standing problems with the main gateway. According to everFinance, “accumulates a large number of txs, but the other outgoing nodes do not have transactions to pack”.

This seeding server is their proposed solution. It will be designed to broadcast pending and seeded transactions across more nodes, and the team says it will be particularly useful on a per-application basis. For example, Mirror could run their own seeding server to package transactions faster and store everything sent to Arweave as a way of being able to re-sign and re-send failed transactions.

Sarcophagus adds support to bridge SARCO to 6 new chains

Sarcophagus DAO’s governance token, SARCO, has now been bridged to a variety of new L1s and 2s including Solana, Polygon, Optimism, and BSC. The team plans to take a further vote on which pool to incentivize first, but current consensus points towards Polygon.

Glass auction closes at 11 ETH; next sale goes live with 35 editions for 0.1 ETH

The auction for the Two Feet x grandson 1/1 music video for Until I Come Home closed recently for 11.11 ETH (~$46,000), and the next is now underway. This time, it’s All In My Head from Josh K and Jeremih, and there will be 35 editions to buy for 0.1 ETH each.

ArCast publishes episode 3 with ArDrive CTO

MC Lars hosted another episode of the ArCast this week, this time with ArDrive CTO Ariel Melendez. The show digs into everything from the fundamentals of the permaweb to the ArDrive co-founding team’s high school band, and how they met.

Permaweb Pioneers shares recording of live panel with Sam Williams

In this episode of Permaweb Pioneers, Arweave founder Sam Williams appeared alongside Only Arweave, Arweavers, and Arweave News to talk about the new hard fork, the future of mining, content filtering, and Arweave’s place as the world’s permanent record.

Permacast archives historical speeches forever

A full archive of American historical speeches is being stored forever on Permacast. The upload brings the total size of all Permacast shows to around 1.2GB. Anyone with a podcast who wants to be funded to upload to Permacast can submit their show via the grants form.

ArDrive announces next public drive bounty with a 2 AR prize

The second ArDrive bounty is underway, and this time the theme is Winter. The most complete, well-organized public drive stored on ArDrive fitting this theme will win 2 AR if submitted before December 13th. ArDrive shared an example submission recently:

Figment launches a course to build a Mirror clone on Arweave

Figment is a PoS validator and learning hub which claims to be “one of the world’s largest blockchain infrastructure and services provider”. A new course was published to the site’s Learn section this week with a tutorial on building an Arweave and Polygon-based decentralized blog platform.

One day left to get free Arweave storage from Akord

Encrypted storage tool Akord has so far distributed 128GB of Arweave storage to users who have filled out their feedback survey. The survey has allowed Akord to find out more about its users needs and plan a roadmap of must-have features. One of the most requested so far has been public files.


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