Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #15: “Polygonal Edition”

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This week, Arweave hits 30TB stored, integrates with Polygon, and edges closer to another batch of permaweb projects graduating from the Open Web Foundry.

Outside of the core protocol, it’s all happening in the ecosystem. We have plenty of podcasts, videos, and updates to share from the most exciting PSTs and DAOs that make up the thriving Arweave community.

Let’s get polygonal.

I. Arweave Network

Pay for storage on Arweave with MATIC (and others?)

Via the Bundlr Network – a super-scalable Arweave L2 with guaranteed transaction mining – it’s now possible to store any data on the Arweave network using MATIC tokens, not just AR.

For now, this means in practice that application owners can deposit MATIC into their bundler instance, and cover that cost for end users. With the ongoing grant to integrate with Polygon-compatible wallets, this will soon be an option for application users, too. Learn more about the grant and integration here.

P.S., keep up with updates with everFinance, who are looking to introduce the option to pay with any token, asap.

Permaweb exceeds 30TB stored

The total weave size has hit a new milestone, tripling since August.

The introduction and adoption of bundles via Bundlr Network has massively increased network scalability. Bundler nodes have processed over 43 million files – in far fewer than 43 million transactions, due to the bundler submitting large batches of files as a single transaction.


OWF hosts final spotlight before demo day

The sixth edition of the Open Web Foundry is coming to a close, with Demo Day scheduled for December 2nd. Today, the OWF will hold a presentation of established teams from previous iterations and new entrants.

Watch the previous Community Spotlight from last week, featuring Argora, WorkerDAO, Art by City and more, on YouTube here:

II. Arweave Ecosystem

everFinance open-sources transaction sync tooling for Go developers

everFinance’s arsyncer library for rapid transaction syncing has been released on GitHub. The tool uses 100 concurrent threads to read transactions from Arweave at high speeds. The library is being used currently in everFinance’s products as a way to massively improve speed and scale of graphql queries.

KYVE announces Celo pool, delegation, and plans to rewrite contracts in Solidity

KYVE is on a roll lately, adding a new blockchain pool to the app each week. When a chain is added to the pool, it ensures that all historical data is stored straight to Arweave, backing up the thesis that Arweave is the layer 0 across chains.

Last week, it was Solana. This week – joining Avalanche, Moonriver and Cosmos, it’s Celo. Celo’s historical data will be stored forever on Arweave, enabling any app like a block explorer or DEX to call upon Arweave rather than forcing the L1 itself to up node requirements and burden miners with that archival data.

On top of this, KYVE also announced this week a change from SmartWeave to Solidity, the ability to delegate $KYVE tokens to another user, and a visual rebrand.


ArDrive’s ArCast features Sam Williams

The latest episode of ArCast, hosted by MC Lars, hosts a lively conversation with Arweave founder Sam Williams. The show discusses everything from the philosophical background to the network to surprising questions that Sam has never heard before.

everPay has a record day, facilitating $300k in volume for AR/USDC swaps

everFinance’s DEX everPay hit a new record this week, seeing $300,000 worth of AR/USDC in swap volume. If you haven’t already, check out everPay’s new redesign and keep a look out for exciting new developments – everFinance is developing quickly!

Permaweb Pioneers publishes second panel show recording

The latest panel from Permaweb Pioneers is now live, and it’s a news edition covering everything from The Graph and Verto NFTs to Koii and the latest from RedStone. Read the show notes here.

Arweave-based CDN Meson Network partners with BCA Network

Combining Arweave with Meson Network’s decentralized CDN enables “permanent and efficient storage paths for all kinds of digital assets on its NFT marketplace” for BCA Network. BCA provides a bridge from web 2.0 to web 3.0 for creators, and aims to collect and curate crypto visual culture.

Permacast is hiring front end developers

After building and launching a V2 update for permacast, the team is looking for front end developers to help build the future of permanent podcasting.

Sarcophagus hosts DAO meetings on Arweave

In the interest of keeping DAO communications open, available and permanent, the Sarcophagus’ meetings are now being hosted on the permaweb. Listen to the Scarab Sessions to hear open job opportunities, bounties, future plans and more.

Logseq merges Arweave support for ar://

Popular open source knowledge base tool Logseq has accepted a pull request from Arweave developer David Whittington which will enable native support for ar:// urls for links and images. The protocol ar:// takes a transaction ID and routes it to a gateway to fetch the content.

CryptoTrunks NFT project freezes assets and metadata on Arweave

Carbon-negative, Ethereum-powered NFT project CryptoTrunks has moved to Arweave by popular demand.

CryptoTrunks has seen over 500ETH in sales volume since launch.



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