Arweave Ecosystem Weekly Report #10: “Alas, Stonk!” Edition

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We’re back to breaking records this week in Arweave land, with 20tb of total data stored and a clear look into how rapid that growth has really been. However, it’s not all about the numbers – as Arweave founder Sam Williams noted on Twitter, the mission of the permaweb and crypto in general is geared towards “changing the power structures of society”.

The question of whether we’re moving in that direction or focusing instead on the wrong ideals was immortalized in the permaweb’s first haiku this week:

Let’s examine some of the network and ecosystem’s most important news of the week.

I. Arweave Network

Total data stored on Arweave exceeds 20tb

On October 16 2021, the total weave size of the permaweb exceeded 20tb. Since mid-September, weave size has seen a significant uptick. And, compared to Arweave’s early days, growth has been massive:

Sam Williams chats with The Graph on the future of web3

Arweave founder Sam Williams spoke live with Nader Dabit, developer relations at The Graph, on the foundational concepts of Arweave and gave an overview of the ecosystem. Sam explained the driving forces behind the latest Arweave boom and how the permaweb is differentiated from competitors.

Arweave is the #1 web3 protocol by revenue

Stats from the Web3 Index, as displayed in a Messari report, show that Arweave’s protocol revenue is growing exponentially, while competitor Filecoin is taking a hit.

Livepeer, which is also tangentially connected to the Arweave ecosystem and used as a transcoding layer by, is also growing quickly.

Arweave mentioned as a key component of the future of web3 by a16z

Arweave and the permaweb it enables is featured in a recent a16z report entitled How to Win the Future: An Agenda for the Third Generation of the Internet

The report compares key web3 players and details the web2 incumbents they replace:

a16z also spotlight the permaweb in contrast with the flaws of web2:

Watch the kick-off call for Open Web Foundry #5

The Arweave YouTube channel has published the recording from OWF #5’s first gathering. The kick-off covers how new permaweb developers can get onboarded with the protocol and explains next steps.

II. Arweave Ecosystem publishes information on the development of ANS (Arweave Name Services)

The developers behind ANS have published more details on the upcoming identity layer for the permaweb. ANS will introduce the idea of usernames as liquid assets, meaning it will be possible to earn profit-sharing tokens simply by holding a username.

As an extra layer, ANS will feature atomic NFT profile pictures and the ability to direct users to sites stored on Arweave by txid when pointed at by a browser.

everFinance launch a bug bounty for their new UI

The new UI for everFinance’s everPay DEX is currently running a bug bounty in partnership with Verto. To celebrate the ArConnect integration, everFinance is offering up to 100 $VRT and 1 $AR per bug squashed.

DeChat releases iOS app preview

Decentralized social network DeChat has leaked a preview screenshot of their iOS app on Twitter amid a conversation around developing a standard for Arweave social protocols.

For updates, follow lead developer David Choi on Twitter at @jsoneaday, and @dechatapp. demoed live in a call with The Graph, posts new 100 AR bounty

Decentralized social network Argora – the permaweb’s answer to Twitter – was featured in a live conversation with The Graph this week. Sam Williams demoed the core functionality of Argora and explained the app’s background mechanics.

Additionally, a 100 AR bounty has been posted in the Arweave Dev Discord server for any team building a bridge between Argora and Twitter:

Assets and metadata for Kevin Abosch’s 1010 SUN SIGNALS stored on Arweave

The latest NFT drop from experimental artist Kevin Abosch – SUN SIGNALS – is already available for preview on OpenSea. The project’s assets and metadata are stored on Arweave, and the smart contract on Ethereum. All 1010 of the collection’s artworks were generated by solar powered computers. releases updated MVP, which empowers logistics contractors to profit from adding to a global database of shipping containers, has released version 0.2 of their MVP and an updated calendar of events. Join in on upcoming Traxa events and hackathons and stay up to date by joining their Discord.



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