Arweave competitions – Metaweave, Sarcophagus and RedStone

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The Arweave ecosystem and community is always full of exciting developments. But we are not just talking about the development of protocols, or the VC funding coming in to support the ecosystem, we are talking about competitions. They are fun, and the winners are surely delighted, but if done right, they can even boost awareness of the projects running the competitions, and in turn the entire Arweave ecosystem.

So, here are three ongoing competitions that anyone can take part in from some of the best protocols in the Arweave space!

Let’s dive in!

#1 – Metaweave

First up is Metaweave‘s meme competition that has 6 AR to be won as prizes. It is the third competition that they are running to date.


The competition involves posting funny memes and/or GIFs on Metaweave’s main feed.


It began on the 1st of October and will finish on October 31st at 11 pm CET. The winners will be announced on the 1st of November.

In order to participate in the competition you need to post a meme or GIF directly on the main feed on here, with a description associated.

There is no limit to how many images you can post.

Create an original meme/GIF, or alternatively, if you are re-using somebody else’s meme from a different source, you will need to provide that source.

The funniest memes/GIFs win.


3 AR for the 1st place

2 AR for the 2nd place

1 AR for the 3rd place

What is Metaweave?

Metaweave is a decentralised social media platform built on Arweave’s Permaweb. Any posts published on the platform are permanent, and no one has the power to delete them. The decentralised aspect of the platform means that, practically, it would never experience any downtime either.


#2 – Sarcophagus DAO

Halloween is approaching and, fittingly, next up we have Sarcophagus‘ meme competition which has already had many participants.


This is a community meme competition, and as such is being held in the Sarcophagus Discord server.

Participants are to share their original art or memes (relevant to Sarcophagus) in the #memes-and-art channel of the Sarcophagus Discord server.


The focus will be on entries that highlight the use cases, design ethos and attitude behind Sarcophagus.

The winners will be selected by the Sarcophagus Ambassadors.

Entries end on October 30th and winners will be selected on October 31st.

Optional: Share your entries on social media with the tags $SARCO #memes to spread awareness.


3 lucky winners will receive 500 $SARCO (Sarcophagus DAO’s PST)  each.

What is Sarcophagus?

Sarcophagus DAO, is the DAO behind the creation of the Sarcophagus Dead Man’s Switch protocol.

#3 – RedStone Finance (LensScore)

And lastly we have the RedStone Finance competition, which they announced in order to celebrate their latest project, LensScore, which provides web3 scoring based on oracle data (built on Lens Protocol).


The competition involves social media engagement (see rules) as well as a question that participants need to answer.


The competition began on the 18th of October and will end on the 23rd of October, with winners being announced one day later, on the 24th of October.

Follow the RedStone Finance social media channels: Twitter and Discord.

Retweet this post, and comment by tagging 2 of your friends.

Answer the question: What in your opinion is the best use-case for LensScore? (Place your answers as a comment under the first post in the thread).


3 winners will receive 50 DAI stablecoins on the Ethereum network.

What is RedStone Finance?

RedStone Finance is an Arweave utilising web3 cross-chain fully customisable oracle and smart contract SDK project.

What is LensScore?

LensScore is RedStone Finance’s Kyiv Tech Summit hackathon project that won awards from Aave and Celo. It provides web3 scoring based on an oracle that has been built on Lens Protocol data, and allows for the calculation of one’s score based on their social media activity – such as commenting, posting, publicising, their number of followers, plus more.

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