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The Metaweave has just announced the release of their new tool for Web3, and it is called ArNotify.

ArNotify allows developers and users to seamlessly provide and receive notifications across the Web2 and Web3 worlds. How?

Let’s dive in!


ArNotify is a universal notification service for the permaweb that gives the power to developers and Web3 users to share and receive on-chain permaweb update notifications in real-time. The way it has been built, incorporating the Web2 world and Twitter, means that using the service is instantly accessible to all, and above all, it is gasless – so it will not cost you a single dime to use.

ArNotify was created by the team at Metaweave under the MIT license – an open-source license many developers use that waives copyright issues, allowing third parties to integrate the original code (or modify it any way they want) into their own projects. The ArNotify GitHub repositories were created on November 10th.

ArNotify is a universal notification tool for the permaweb, built as a hyperapp to bridge the gap between the permaweb and Web2 platforms. Our objective is to create a common codebase and user base that can be utilized by the entire Arweave ecosystem, helping users and builders to stay informed and connected about the latest permaweb updates- Falco, Metaweave.

In order to use it, you need to connect ArNotify to Twitter. After selecting “Connect” on the ArNotify website, you will be asked to grant the app permissions to your Twitter account.

I was informed by the Metaweave team that they plan to release a reward system for people who are willing to notify their community on their Web2 platform in the coming weeks. The team are also planning a Discord and Twitter integration, but do not have a set time frame for those goals just yet.

We do not have official roadmap for Discord and Instagram integration. However, we aim to release these as soon as possible, and will prioritize them accordingly. Our goal is to assist builders who would like to add their protocol to ArNotify and ensure that we are able to provide support for their needs.

If you would like to try out ArNotify, visit the website here.

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