Argo launched their first alpha release, Check It Out!

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What is Argo?

ArGo is a one-click deployment service platform on top of the Arweave permaweb

Its the first service to provide all of your frontend deployment on the permaweb in one place.The permaweb gives you the power to deploy full web apps permanently.

If everything published on the web could be stored permanently, in its original form, information would be immutable, transparent, and accessible to everyone.

Why argo?

Frontend development is not meant to be a solo activity. ArGo makes it a collaborative experience with deploy previews for every code change and a seamless integration with GitHub & GitLab◆  Permanent hosting

No more walled off gardens of the web that can be controlled or manipulated by a single person or organisation, no more 404 ‘page not found errors’, no more stealth edits.

1. Permanently deploy your web app
Argo deploys your site directly to Arweave Permaweb, it will be always available for you to see.

2. Maintained Permaweb Deployment
Find your deployed site in your dashboard along with your logs, versions and preview for every deployment

Argo recently launched the first alpha realease, and for this awesome announcement, Argo explained everything about it in this thread

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