ArDrive Mobile – World’s First Decentralized Storage App

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ArDrive has just announced the release of its long-awaited mobile app – ArDrive Mobile – which will allow users to access decentralised and permanent storage right from the comfort of their mobile devices.

The application is available on the Google Play store right now, with an iOS app coming soon.

What is ArDrive Mobile?

ArDrive is built on top of Arweave – a low-energy consuming globally-distributed blockchain network. But, Arweave is the base layer (the foundation), and accessing it can be a little tricky for the everyday non-tech-savvy individual. And that is where ArDrive, led by founder and CEO Phil Mataras, comes to the rescue.

Up until now, via their web app, ArDrive have made the process of accessing and storing files on Arweave just as easy as doing so on any other cloud service – like Dropbox or Google Drive for example. And now, with the launch of ArDrive Mobile, they have taken that concept one step further, bringing the power of permanent data storage to the pockets of the everyday person, while keeping it simple. ArDrive Mobile allows users to easily save their files permanently and with full censorship-resistance. Users’ files are cryptographically sealed, distributed around the world on a permissionless network, and available for generations.

Phil Mataras had this to say about the release:

It’s really not often you see easy to use, open source, privacy-preserving, censorship resistant, Web3 apps in the app store, which is why I am so proud of our team & community to finally release one-Phil Mataras, ArDrive Founder and CEO.

Let’s take a closer look at what it does!

What does ArDrive Mobile do?

ArDrive Mobile is the first permanent, decentralised storage app that is available for mobile devices. Not only will the app allow people to store their files and photos safely forever, but by using the app users will be able to experience first-hand a truly powerful use case for blockchain technology – accessible permanent data storage.

The app is easy to use with many features, such as:

  • Save photos, videos, files, and folders from your phone to the Arweave network permanently.
  • No subscription fees: Simply pay for storage as needed.
  • No storage limit: Store as much data as you want, forever.
  • Intuitive folder and file management.
  • Easily send files by sharing a link with anyone, even if they don’t have an ArDrive account.
  • Preview all your saved photos in the app.
  • Censorship-resistance, where third parties cannot simply remove your data.
  • Users control and own their own data – even we can’t see it!
  • Private drive encryption with two key system for enhanced security.

The ArDrive Mobile application can very well help on-board many new people (in the thousands, if not even millions) to the world of blockchain, after helping them better understand ways in which it can be used to solve every day needs – eg. eliminating the potential of data loss, something that no individual wants, and most companies cannot afford.

By leveraging the power of Arweave, ArDrive Mobile makes sure that anything a user uploads can never be deleted by anyone. Users also have peace of mind knowing that anything they upload is fully encrypted and secure, but that doesn’t take away the ability to share those files with others, whenever they will to do so.

As ArDrive mention on their website:

It’s time to start thinking about storge differently. With ArDrive Mobile, your photos, videos, and files will be accessible throughout your entire life and those of your children and grandchildren. 

The reality is, we live in a world where individuals and businesses store more and more data with every passing minute. And that data is stored on third-party servers, most of the time, for which those individuals or companies have to pay a recurring storage fee. Those fees can quickly add up. ArDrive, on the other hand, allows users to pay only once, and store forever.

To be able to carry around the full ownership and privacy of your data in your pocket are powers only made possible by Web3 technology. The ArDrive mobile apps are a landmark use case for making blockchains have everyday utility for people who want to securely archive, manage, and share their photos, files, and documents-Lucas Porter-Bakker, Director of Design.

Coding the app

The ArDrive Mobile app is built using Flutter – an open source framework by Google for building natively compiled, multi-platform applications from a single codebase. The ArDrive team are extremely happy with this choice, as it means they can get app updates for all their apps (Web, Mobile, and Desktop) out faster. This means more time for them to continue building the future of data storage on Web3.

Building the ArDrive apps on Flutter has given us the ability to build once and run on all the most important platforms to our users with minimal duplication of engineering efforts. We’ll soon be releasing our latest updates across Web, Mobile, and Desktop platforms within hours of one another rather than days or weeks- Ariel Melendez, CTO.

How do I get ArDrive Mobile?

ArDrive Mobile is available for download right now from the Google Play store, and will be available soon for the Apple App Store.

After you have downloaded the ArDrive App on your mobile device, you will need to follow this guide to securely get your digital wallet up and running.

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