ArDrive Announces Public Bounty With 3AR Prize Pool

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ArDrive, a permanent, secure file storage app, announces its third public bounty with a 2AR prize for the winner and 1AR for the runner up. This month’s theme is “records of historical significance about your hometown”. The bounty opened January 1st, 2022 and all submissions must be tweeted by January 13. Read ahead to find out what’s necessary to apply.

Requirements for applicants

To apply you need to make a Public Drive folder which should be appropriately named. As stated in the ArDrive application call: 

“don’t name it “My Public Drive””

The Public Drive should contain data only relating to the bounty. Include as many references as possible – it must be accurate, historical records.

“Your Public Drive could contain maps, restaurant guides, architectural photos, city archives, rare traditions…anything the future world should know about where you live.”

To submit your Public Drive you need to share it on Twitter with a Public Drive sharing link and tag @ardriveapp with the hashtag #ArDriveBounty or share it on Discord in the #shared-public-drives channel. 

Records can include photos, music, videos, even PDFs and other documents. Don’t use zip files, application files or anything not related to the bounty – and definitely don’t use copyrighted or pirated material.

All Drives will be individually reviewed and the winner will be the largest and most organised Drive. 

To upload materials on ArDrive follow these instructions:


Winning example

The previous winning example was in November 2021 and the theme was “records of historical significance about food”. The winner liuchaojin.eth created a collection called “A Bite of China – Wonderful Chinese Food“:

The collection includes interesting information about the Chinese cuisine, as well as a Food Map and other interesting information, all neatly organised and appropriately named.

Things that are especially appreciated according to ArDrive are:

  • Rare information
  • Larger data sets
  • Original content
  • Folders and sub-folders

The winning entry is selected based on the quality, quantity and originality of the content inside. The winner for this month’s bounty will be announced mid-January.

The philosophy

The project has been created by ArDrive to build a Library of Alexandria type of storage for universal human knowledge. Built on Arweave, and using the Public Folder mechanism, it becomes the permanent collection of free content for future generations. 

But like in the case of Library of Alexandria, constant human involvement and care is necessary for the project to continue. This is why ArDrive has created this initiative to upkeep and grow the library with useful and royalty-free content for the permaweb.

Gathering and collecting data for the future generations is not only a Sci-Fi ideal. NASA’s Golden Record, for instance, was a phonograph record of the sounds of the Earth, launched in space in 1977 to with future civilizations.

There are already over 2000 Public Drives already on various topics and similar to the Golden Record, will outlast its creators to provide information and knowledge for the future generations.

Read more about the initiative and rules here.

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