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Good news for US residents. Another Exchange operating under US jurisdiction opened the trade for $AR – Arweave’s native coin. Since last year, more and more people have been asking about how and where they can buy $AR if they live in the USA.

This issue has been gradually addressed since then, and now we can claim that, as long as you are ok with KYC (know your customer regulations), you have a pretty good range of options to start with.

In addition to the existing options, another exchange opened its doors for Arweave on April 15, listing not only one trading pair but two: AR/USDT and AR/USDC

Biconomy Global is a Canadian registered digital currency exchange founded in 2019, with a reported 300000 users pool. They are licensed to operate in both Canadian and US markets. With a daily traded volume of over 2.3 billion $, it could be considered a solid CEX (centralized exchange). The crushing majority of the volume comes from BTC traded pairs (more than 90%). Even though $AR was listed so recently, it is already at the top of the pairs traded on Biconomy, according to data provided by CoinMarketCap, surpassing coins with much higher market caps.

These figures justify the alleged partially unfulfilled demand for $AR on the American continent.  As one can see, slowly but surely, this demand starts to be covered by centralized exchanges compliant with US regulations.

If you are not particularly a fan of KYC you can always try to use everPay to swap ERC20 USDT for wAR. Please check our step-by-step guide here. Also, you can check our article about how to buy $AR in the US and worldwide by accessing this link.

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    Biconomy Exchange was one of the best exchanger and they can reach the top exchanger worldwide and $AR LISTING was a proof of great development that biconomy exchange can offer☺️

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