$AR Listed on OKEx and Uphold; What Will 2022 Bring?

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The last days of 2021 brought more gateways between fiat and $AR.

First, OKEx – the 2nd biggest exchange by 24hr volume and with over 10 million users, announced the listing of Arweave’s token on Christmas eve.

Although it was a tough year for them (until recently they were a Chinese based company, with a clear focus on their local market, so they felt the Chinese ban on crypto quite heavily), it seems that this didn’t stop them from developing – only a few days have passed since the listing and the traded volumes of $AR is already sizeable  at  roughly 20,000 tokens daily.

Second, in almost the same time frame, Uphold opened the trading of $AR.

In contrast with OKEx, which is a typical crypto exchange, Uphold is a hybrid, a multi-asset exchange – more friendly for users that are not well-versed in crypto trading. Uphold has operating since 2015 and brings together fiat, cryptocurrencies, stocks and metals, with a solid 1.5 million user base. Even more, Uphold operates as a regulated financial services provider in US and EU. Still, given their disclaimer inside their tweet, we don’t know, at the moment of writing this article, in which jurisdictions $AR is available on Uphold.

Earlier this month Arweave-native exchange Verto also introduced $AR purchase with fiat.

$AR 2022

Where does this news fit? If we zoom out a little and look at the broader image of the current Arweave ecosystem, the year 2022 has the promises to be quite interesting:

  • further integration with fiat gateways — check
  • integration with mobile wallets — check (BitKeep already did it and TrustWallet will probably be next)
  • SmartWeave scaling solutions for real-world use — check (RedStone and other members of the community are doing a terrific job in achieving this goal)
  • lower than ever permanent storage fees — check (you can store your files permanently on ArDrive for approximately $10/GB)

The Arweave Dev Talk Discord channel will probably become pretty cramped next year!

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