All You Have To Known About Verto Protocol

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What are PSTs?

Profit-Sharing Tokens, or PSTs, are a new incentivization mechanism for the open web that allow developers to earn a stream of micro-dividends for the duration their application is used. (Source)

In order for PSTs to have value, however, they need to be able to be exchanged for other PSTs or AR. This is where Verto comes in…

What is Verto?

Verto is a completely decentralized network of trading posts built on top of the blockweave. Anyone can host their own trading post and power the exchange, while also being incentivized to do so. With Verto, you can pick the trading post you’d like to use and exchange your PSTs freely!

Decisions for Verto are made by Verto’s very own Profit-Sharing DAO, which means that anyone can have a say in the direction of our platform.

You can also easily host your own Trading Post, while accruing PSTs for doing so. See Verto Trading Post Repository for documentation.

Verto presented a pitch on the demo day on Arweave:

VRT – The Verto Protocol Token

VRT is a way for any person to passively earn a volume-weighted index of all profit sharing tokens being traded on the exchange. 0.5% of any PST transaction made on the exchange is sent straight to a VRT holder.

By holding VRT, a user is also inherently a member of the Verto Profit-Sharing DAO, which means they can choose to stake their tokens to have a say in the various decisions made for the platform.

VRT Contract Address: usjm4PCxUd5mtaon7zc97-dt-3qf67yPyqgzLnLqk5A

Initial Supply: 250,000,000


Discord : (

Twitter : @VertoExchange

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