Akord Goes Open Source and Announces v2


Back in April, we had the chance to speak to Pascal, Akord’s Co-Founder, about all the amazing upcoming features, and goals, the Akord protocol had to look forward to in its seemingly bright future. Open sourcing their protocol’s code and tools, to help build a wider developer ecosystem was one of those goals.

And now, Akord has officially reached that milestone, becoming open-source and immediately available for any Web3 devs out there to integrate into their own projects. And in his blog post, Akord co-founder, Richard Caetano, mentions upcoming programs that will incentivise builders and devs to integrate Akord into their own third-party projects.

At the same time, the Akord team have released version 2 of their web app!

V2 has a certain feature live that has not yet been fully announced. But Pascal told us that soon they will be releasing a case study and podcast about that feature, so stay tuned! We think it’s a big one, that can be a game changer!

But aside from that feature, let’s take a closer look at everything else!

Using the new open-source Akord protocol

So the Akord protocol is now ready to be integrated into any other developers project. Any developers wanting to do so, can get the relevant resources needed from:

  • The Akord website
  • Akord-js – Akord Client for interacting with Akord.
  • Akord-cli -The Akord Command Line Interface – that allows devs to simply interact with Akord from the terminal in order to create vaults, add members, create new stacks, etc.
  • API & App – the new protocol version of the app is available at:
  • Docs, Litepaper and tutorials

The Akord team will be releasing a migration tool soon to help users move their data from Akord v1 to Akord v2. The migration process will be completely free.

Akord Builders Grants

The Akord Builders Grant will be established to help grow and support developers who want to utilise the Akord protocol. The team have not yet released any further data on the grant, but we hope to contact the team soon and bring you more details. This article will be updated if we have any information for you ahead of any official announcements by Akord.

Why use Akord?

Akord offers an impressive set of features for its users via its web app, features that can also help web3 developers, who integrate Akord, build their own projects. And it has simplicity at the epicentre.

Akord can be useful in the world of Web3 when it comes to NFT projects, DAOs, funds, and more.

But even though it’s a Web3 app, it doesn’t mean that it can only be integrated by Web3 companies. Due to the data permanence it offers, its value as a data storage app is invaluable for companies and organisations that want to store important data forever, such as historical archives or important literature.

And its data privacy features – like private vault encryption – mean that it can be integrated into the apps of organisations in sectors that require the utmost privacy (due to sensitive information), like the health sector.

Right now Akord is offering 500 MB of free storage to incentivise the everyday user to try it out and see why and how Web3 can truly bring the future of data storage.

For more information, visit the Akord website here.

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