AFTR Market Releases Vehicles

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AFTR Market, the on-chain treasury management and governance protocol for Arweave assets has flown to the forefront of the Arweave ecosystem today, having released their AFTR Market Playground alongside AFTR Vehicles.

Vehicles are SmartWeave contracts that enable users to group assets together. They have an abundance of potential use cases, including being used for DAO treasuries, indexes, asset fractionalization, enabling more secure ways of storing Arweave-native tokens, and more.

By grouping these Arweave assets up, you can put governance around them to manage their profit streams. When setting up DAO members on your AFTR Vehicle, you are essentially fractionalizing the assets, as those members will receive profit streams proportionately. And this is because transferring your Arweave assets to your AFTR Vehicle means making the AFTR Vehicle the new balance holder on the asset contract.

Beyond the fact that you are transferring your asset to the Permaweb for safekeeping, the vehicle you create is also a new asset that can be traded on the market. Vehicles can be owned by a single person or by a DAO.

What about the AFTR Market Playground?

The Playground acts as a testing ground where you can play around with Vehicle creation without having to transfer any of your assets across. To use it, you will need an ArConnect wallet.

After entering the Playground, you will receive Profit Sharing Tokens (PSTs) and testnet AR tokens from utilizing within it. Just keep in mind that it uses a test gateway supported by the Verto Exchange team, which refreshes frequently. So anything you create on the testnet will not stick around forever.

If you want to learn more about AFTR Vehicles and take a swing at creating one of your own on the testnet, visit their website here.

There are a lot of interesting and exciting developments taking place in the Arweave ecosystem right now, so be sure to follow us on our links below to get the latest news. What AFTR has created is worth anyone’s time to learn more about. We are thrilled to see how the further development of the AFTR Market protocol and all its tools and instruments go. As Tate Berenbaum from Verto Exchange puts it:


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