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Pianity is playing host to a project like no other! The project is called “A guide to the Birdsong”, a unique collection of music NFTs aimed at raising funds and awareness for endangered species of birds, created by non-profit organisation Shika Shika. The creators have already seen success in the past, with previous projects like “A Guide to the Birdsong of Western Africa”.

What’s more, Pianity and Shika Shika have launched a rework competition for all creatives out there.

Let’s take a look!

A guide to the Birdsong NFTs

A Guide to the Birdsong is a series of albums inspired by the songs of endangered birds, created to raise awareness and funds for their protection.

To date, Shika Shika have released three albums of music for the series. The first two albums focused on Latin America, and featured artists like Nicola Cruz, Chancha Via Circuito and Equiknoxx. The projects have been at the centre of media attention too, with coverage on NPR’s Morning Edition, BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, The Guardian, Billboard, FiP and Mexico’s national Reforma newspaper, to name a few.

Their third album “A Guide to the Birdsong of Western Africa”, which saw them focus on endangered birds of the continent, was brought to life via Kickstarter, seeing 406 backers pledge £19,329 to help the cause. 

Essentially each album focuses on endangered species of birds from a different region of the world, and sees musicians and producers create tracks inspired by the songs of those birds.

Now, following on from the success of the last album, Shika Shika have released a new collection of NFTs based on the songs of six more threatened species of bird from South America, Central America and the Caribbean, as well as Western Africa. The collection contains a seventh NFT which is a special music edition of Loango Weaver from Rrobin and Les Mamans du Congo, which is accompanied by a beautiful stop-motion animation by Colombian artist Ann Lopez. 

Collectors of the NFTs can benefit from exclusive perks that are attached to them, like Skika Shika merchandising packs, and access to Shika Shika’s Club in the Pianity mobile app.

The six birds are available as Epic Edition NFTs (100 NFTs per bird), with the special music edition of Loango Weaver being available as a Legendary Edition NFT (10 total).

Shika Shika donates 100% of the profits made from A Guide to the Birdsong to tangible, local projects that make a real impact.

Creative Contest

Between November 1st – 30th, Shika Shika and Pianity will host a rework contest where contestants can reimagine and remix one of the birdsongs.

There is only one rule: make music out of one of the birdsongs! 

  1. Chose and collect a birdsong from the current collection and use it to compose a unique song
  2. Submit your rework on the participation form
  3. Pianity and Shika Shika will select a winner, announced on December 15th
  4. The winner will be rewarded with a poster and their track will be dropped on Pianity

Contestants can submit their work here:

Further info

At the end of 2020 Shika Shika registered as a non-profit organisation to focus more on uniting music and art with driving change. Find Shika Shika on:

Find “A guide to the Birdsong” on Pianity here.

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