4th everPay auction with an artist! Everything you need to know

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In a few days, we’ll be hosting our 4th auction. With our third auction having our first artist join us on our everPay platform, we decided to go for it again. We’re happy to announce @Tigerag!

Tiger Cai is was brought to us by OnBoard or ONBD for short

Here’s what ONBD does:

We Create, Curate and Connect. Onboard/ONBD is a curatorial brand and residency focused on discovering, conceptualizing and realizing NFT projects. We are facilitators, providing education and support to traditional artists and creators to bring them into the NFT space.

ONBD is part of a strong community of artists, creators, and collectors who are committed to creating social impact, and we collaborate with crypto-native and traditional artists alike to produce groundbreaking, meaningful projects.

Tiger Chengliang Cai

Tiger Chengliang Cai, born in 1984, Shanghai, Cina, is a visual artist and filmmaker now based in New York City. He was initially trained as an art historian but later devoted himself to the fine art practice. His work includes paintings, animations, video art, experimental films, installations, digital art, and crypto art. Through his artwork, Tiger focuses on topics like Sci-Fi, alternate history, mythology, the boundary between dreams and reality, and more importantly, how individual humans relate to all these evolving narratives.

Just a reminder that you need to keep in mind that there will be more future auctions coming. Each NFT, that is obtained by the winners of the auctions, will have use cases. For now, the NFTs will be used as entry tickets. Entries to what? You’ll find out later, surprises are fun! Past NFTs, right now, make it so you get proceeds from future auctions.

Last auction

Before we look over the rules here are some statistics from our last successful auction in order for you to have an insight into what can happen!

a total of 516AR was profited by participating in the auction

Just for actively bidding and getting outbid the top 3 gainers made:

#1 user made: 138.5AR ($4,570.5) for actively participating

#2 user made: 25.92AR ($855.36) for actively participating

#3 user made: 19.3AR ($636.9) for actively participating

(Rewards that were earned in the previous auction)

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