4EVERLAND AMA Announcement: Why Arweave?

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Here at 4EVERLAND, you’ll be used to us sharing our technological achievements, product development, and marketing partnerships. This time, however, we would like to share some of the stories behind these exciting technological developments. As 4EVERLAND’s building of the Arweave ecosystem deepens, we hope to connect more Arweave ecosystem projects and have the opportunity for our community to engage in friendly communication with other communities. Find out more about the growth of the Arweave ecosystem!

About the AMA

“Why Arweave”, the theme of our overall AMA series, we believe is a seemingly simple but thought-provoking question. It is a question that can be answered in its own way for each project building the Arweave ecosystem. A total of four episodes are planned, each of which will dive into a variety of topics related to the Arweave ecosystem, bringing you the latest updates and insights. In addition to cohosts Permadao and Arweave News, we will also have special guests. They will share their insights on the state of the Arweave ecosystem in the context of their own project developments.

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